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  1. Holster for Ruger Single Six

    Lookin' good!
  2. Thickest leather

    Hmmm... I think he probably said "ewe".
  3. Thickest leather

    Hey! I resemble that remark! Our gym teacher in junior high school used his size 12 tennis shoe to motivate us up the rope. If we didn't touch the knot at the top, he'd send us back up with a swat from that shoe. At home, though, my dad wore out most of a hackberry tree on me over the years.
  4. Dwight, I like your two loop design, because it's capable of straddling a belt loop on the trousers. That prevents any forward/back movement of the holster and makes for a more secure draw.
  5. First drawings

    I can't wait to see those drawings translated into carved leather. Should be spectacular!
  6. Beautiful work, Dwight!
  7. Single Bevel Clicking Knife

    Grinding on thin material will heat it up very quickly. Use light, brushing strokes of the steel against the grinder and keep a cup of water nearby to cool the steel frequently. If you see a change of color, you've already lost any temper it had.
  8. First piece with new CowBoy 4500

    Good looking sheath! You'll have that machine tamed in no time.
  9. Just a little curious...

    You're only as old as you feel. Some days I'm 16, some days 136. Most days I split the difference and go with the calendar at 76.
  10. So many questions answered..

    Thanks for the images. The belts look great! I may have to tackle a belt someday.
  11. So many questions answered..

    OK, thanks for that clarification. Looks like a semi-crossdraw application in the photo. That looks like a fun sport!
  12. Hello from Belgrade

    Welcome from NE Texas! Like everyone else, I admire your ability to hand stitch with machine-like precision. Beautiful work!
  13. So many questions answered..

    Welcome from NE Texas! I look forward to seeing your work. How does a mounted shooting holster vary from a non-mounted?