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  1. Sheath knife

    I added a tapered welt to my sheath for the same reason. My knife handle and guard are too thick for the knife to sit flat in a sheath. Here's what it looks like.
  2. That rig would make any Hollywood cowboy proud. Nice work, plinkercases!
  3. Another Holster

    Ooooh. Well, that's some good info to know. I'll try it on a few scraps before using it on the good stuff. Thanks for the input!
  4. I like it! A LOT! That's some beautiful work.
  5. Another Holster

    Thanks for the nice comments, JLSleather! Yeah, my lefty friend is also my preacher, and he can be a little backwards sometimes. His birthday is this week, so we'll have the big unveiling in a couple of days. As for the stencil, I've just ordered a roll of frisket. Way back in the previous century I used red frisket for masking b/w negatives to block out backgrounds.
  6. Another Holster

    Keep in mind as Alpha2 said, you can practice airbrush on anything, even yesterday's newspaper, so you don't mess up leather for practice. If you've ever used a spray gun for painting, it's not that hard to finger out. Try it! You'll like it!
  7. Another Holster

    Thanks for the kind words, RegisD!
  8. Another Holster

    Thanks much for the positive reviews! The Texas image was done with a stencil I made, then laid it on the flat leather (before wet forming) and used the airbrush to fill in the image. Next time I'll try to figure a way to attach the stencil to the leather instead of just letting it lie flat of its own accord. The airbrush tends to lift it, letting some color get under the stencil.
  9. Another Holster

    OK, here's another one from the same pattern but cut a little higher on the trigger. Also decided to try my hand at dressing it up a little, but that still needs some practice, too.
  10. Hand Forged Buckles

    Blacksmithing is a handy skill to have. Not only can you make your own blacksmithing tools, but you can also make your own leatherworking tools (some of them at least). I've made a couple of hammers, several sets of tongs, punches, drifts, etc., as well as a coal forge and a gas forge. For leatherworking I've made a couple of punches for belt loops in holsters, a freehand stitching groover and a beveling tool, mostly out of scrap metal from the shop.
  11. Another Holster

    I don't do video, "fancy smancy" or otherwise. On a metered connection, 8gb per month, so I don't do much wandering around on Utube. I just downloaded your free pattern and went to work. Thanks for the pattern, by the way!
  12. Another Holster

    Yes, I had thought about that. This one was made strictly by the pattern from JLSLeather, but I'm planning to make a few mods to the next one.
  13. Another Holster

    Thanks, guys! This one's for a lefty friend, but his birthday's not for another couple of weeks yet, so I may just make another one to see if I can do it better.
  14. Another Holster

    Thanks to JLSLeather for the pattern, here's another holster. This one was an experiment to try the sunburst effect dye job. While it's a long way from perfect, maybe I won't be too ashamed to let it out of the house. It's unlined 7/8 oz veg leather with artificial sinew stitching. Dyed with British Tan in an airbrush, then trimmed with darker British Tan/Mahogany mix around the edges. I think a "lazy Susan" (and a LOT more practice with the airbrush) might help me to get the sunburst more even.
  15. Hand Forged Buckles

    You can probably find a blacksmithing group (club) near you where you can learn blacksmithing for a lot less money. Then you can spend that money on forge, anvil, tools, etc. or the materials to make them.