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  1. I have a pint of Sunnyside BLO that I picked up at the hardware store a few years ago. It doesn't take much. The mineral spirits are Klean Strip brand that I got at Wal-Mart. I usually use about 1/2 teaspoon of each in a small bowl, stir it with a finger and apply it with my hands. Rub until it feels almost dry and do it again. After a couple of coats I let it dry overnight and repeat.
  2. Knife sheath for middleearth style knife

    The knife and sheath are both spectacular! True craftsmanship is a beautiful thing to behold.
  3. I use BLO cut 50/50 with mineral spirits for gunstock finish, and it dries in just a few hours. After several coats it makes a beautiful hard finish.
  4. Gday from Western Australia

    Welcome from northeast Texas! Nice looking work on the dog collars.
  5. I use the end grain of a cedar 4"X6" post. It gives plenty of support, yet soft enough to prevent damage to a punch.
  6. Leather on the Hoof

    Never having skinned a deer, I have no idea.
  7. Leather on the Hoof

    I usually keep a pair of binoculars on the bookcase, but apparently they migrated to the car while I wasn't looking. I wanted to check the plumbing on those deer to see if there were any bucks, but no such luck. Maybe next time.
  8. Leather on the Hoof

    I'd have to be 60 years younger to even think about it. No antlers on any of those. Might be a buck among them, but if so he hasn't got his antlers back yet.
  9. These showed up in our front yard this morning and stayed for nearly 2 hours. First we've had in several years. I think our neighbor has kept them thinned out.
  10. Leatherfreak

    Welcome from NE Texas!
  11. Problems With A Dremel

    The Dremel is a handy little tool for delicate work, but the 1/8" tool shanks are way too small for Tandy's burnishers. For that you need a 1/4" electric drill and a 1/4" bolt with nut to attach the burnisher. As for the collet nut on the Dremel, the WD40 should help some. You shouldn't have to turn the nut more than 1/2 turn to loosen the collet, but then I find it necessary to push the tool into the collet just a little before pulling it out.
  12. Thickest leather

    Hmmm... I think he probably said "ewe".
  13. Thickest leather

    Hey! I resemble that remark! Our gym teacher in junior high school used his size 12 tennis shoe to motivate us up the rope. If we didn't touch the knot at the top, he'd send us back up with a swat from that shoe. At home, though, my dad wore out most of a hackberry tree on me over the years.
  14. Dwight, I like your two loop design, because it's capable of straddling a belt loop on the trousers. That prevents any forward/back movement of the holster and makes for a more secure draw.