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  1. Very New... with Questions :)

    Buy a good swivel knife to start with, you can buy a Barry King for about the same price as a craftool pro from tandy and. Barry’s blade will be sharp to start with, just strop once in awhile. I have numerous brands and sizes I have used for years including King, Henley, Beard, Smith, Miller, Stolman and others, they are all very good knives. Practice, practice, then practice some more. I prefer a 1/4” straight blade with a 3/8” barrel, that is probably the most popular combination. Hope this helps!
  2. Searching a guide of stamps for leather.

    Tandy has a list of stamps of old and the current alternatives. I think it’s under Tandy’s website.
  3. Looking for this beveler

    What do you have you want to get rid of? Thanks Rodney
  4. Barry King Tools (Mostly)

    How many of the stamps are Kings and how many are craftool? I am interested in all! Thanks Rodney
  5. Am I Totally Inept

    Practice practice and practice,then practice some more! It will get a lot easier, just don’t give up. You can hit the basket stamp kinda easy the fist lick just to set it then make sure it’s in the same spot and hit a second time or more. Always try to hold the tools straight up and down. Casing leather takes practice also, I spray mine with water then let dry some till it turns ack to natural color. For beveling and background it will need to be a little drier than when using your swivel knife. Just keep going it will all fall in place.
  6. Buying all new tools

    Barry King tools are very good, so is Clay Miller, Chuck Smith, and of course Bob Beard but they are hard to come by.
  7. Maul Help

    I use Barry’s mauls, and love them, I have 16, 24, & I think a 32oz. Look on Barry’s web site for prices and pictures. I highly recommend all his tools.
  8. The contemporary "Greats"...

    If you haven’t seen Bob Parks work you are missing true art, same for Chuck Smith, talked to both at Wishita Falls show last week. Super nice people.
  9. Wichita Falls show

    I didn’t see him but that doesn’t mean he absolutely wasn’t there! It was a great show and seemed to have very good attendance.
  10. Rodney Great show, bought a Beard swivel knife, chuck smith sk, Clay Miller sk, Barry king sk, and a few king stamping tools, lots of good stuff there. Ran out of money to quick. Talked with Bob Park, what an artist, Jesse Smith, terrific saddle maker. Everything was great, can’t wait till next year.
  11. Staining/antiquing techniques

    Looks fantastic, appears to be medium brown, try Sheridan tan and light brown if you haven’t already! Beautiful work!
  12. Wichita Falls show

    Hey Paul I hope to see you there! Rodney
  13. Wichita Falls show

    Great, Look for the old guy in coveralls.
  14. Wichita Falls show

    I am about 85 miles ne of Amarillo. I use to live in. McKinney, for about 20 years use to go to the wagon wheel clubrhere years ago. And eat at the little taco place there on 380.
  15. Wichita Falls show

    Where are you in north Texas?