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  1. Hello from a new member

    Welcome aboard! There is a wealth of info here from a lot of fine people.
  2. Welcome aboard! There is a wealth of info here from a lot of fine folks.
  3. Anyone know who makes these?

    I don’t know of any relation in Alabama, some Tenn. but most all from Tx
  4. Anyone know who makes these?

    Don’t know but where are you since evidently we have the same name?
  5. Sheridan tote bag

    GreT job young man, keep up the beautiful work you have a great future in leatherwork!
  6. My 3rd go at making a bag

    Fantastic job!
  7. Hello

    Welcome fellow Texan, enjoy your new adventure All it takes is time, money, patience and practice. Did I mention practice? Get some scraps and practice whatever you want to do to start with, like the long wallet. Then practice some more. Enjoy it it can be very relaxing and very frustrating. All folks here will help in any way.they can. Oh did I mention practice?
  8. New member from Texas

    Welcome fellow Texan, I also live in small town Texas, Miami to be exact. There is tons of info and a lot of good people willing to help here. I am also a veteran, but fortunate to not be disabled, just old. Welcome aboard.
  9. New Member from Kentucky

    1947 model here, so jump in and enjoy, good folks on this forem and always willing to help.
  10. Vegan leather? What? VEGAN LEATHER? What an IDIOT!!
  11. I think it looks fantastic and I know she will be proud of it. Keep up the good work
  12. Line 24 Snap Setting

    Barry King makes a line 24 and a line 20 snap setter that after you use it you will never use anything else and they are reasonably priced.
  13. Good tools?

    Depending on what kind of leather “tools” you are talking about! Stamps try Barry King Clay Miller, Bob Beard, Chuck Smith, swivel knives try the Same plus Leather Wranglers and Henley, leather Wrangler has good knives. Osborne has some good tools. There are a whole lot of custom makers of all kinds of leather tools.
  14. New member from Southern Colorado

    Welcome aboard, never to old, I did some leather work 30 years ago, raised kids, worked etc. got back into it about 2 years ago now at soon to be 72 Iam working 4 to 8 hrs a day on leather and loving it. I enjoy the carving and stamping the most but it’s all very enjoyable
  15. Barry King dot so-what

    I have a lot of different swivel knives by different makers guess you could say I collect swivel knives, all can cut leather, some better than others. All take some getting use to. About the time I think one is better than the other I try a different brand and after getting use to it I think it’s better. I think all the higher end knives are great, the blade, sharpness and barrel size you get use to seems to effect me more than who made it. I prefer 3/8” barrel with 1/4” straight blade in most all for carving, a little larger barrel and blade for long straight border type lines. Chrispness of stamps is a whole other story, I don’t think you will get Bob Park type carving or stamping with craftool swivel knife and stamps. Just my 2 cents..