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  1. Looks fantastic, you sure that’s your 1st projects?
  2. Swivel knife with swivel blade maker?

    The only one I know of with a swivel blade is Duane Watts. Bruce Cheaney has a demo of it on utube. Hope that’s the one you are wanting.
  3. How did you get into leather work?

    I made a few things, wallet, bible cover, etc over 30 years ago then kids came along, got busy with family and other things. After kids were all grown and I retired about a year ago I dug out the old tools, added a lot of new ones, bought some leather and some craft aids started making coasters, wallets , checkbook covers, book covers, etc. Now I spend about 6 or 7 hours a day in what my family calls the leather lair or devils den (it’s really the basement) tooling, cutting, cutting etc on leather, I love it! Thanks for asking! Sincerly, Rodney
  4. How to keep my ruler from sliding?

    I use non slip tape, it’s like sand paper and self adhesive. It comes in different widths or you can cut to fit. I think most good hardware stores carry it. I put it on the back of my square, works great. I cut my leather flesh sid down. Hope this helps!
  5. Singer 111w155

    Thanks, I may just have to get it. I usually won’ t sew more than 8 to 10 oz total weight, hope it will handle that ok!
  6. Singer 111w155

    Can anyone tell me when a singer 111w155 ser# w1448099 was made? I have a chance to buy one and know nothing about them, comes with new stand/table recently serviced and seems to work very well, is it worth $450?
  7. Henley Mfg Company

    Bought a Henley about 2 months ago. Fantastic knife and real great people to deal with, talked with. Louis on the phone severel times, got the knife on time and it exceded expectations!
  8. There is a fancy Stohlman swivel knife for sale now on eBay $150.00. I already have one or. I would buy it. I know a few of you wanted on.
  9. Gun scabbard

    I like it, large tooling area, bet that took some time!
  10. Swivel knife recommendation?

    I would recommend a Barry King or Henley, both are great knives!
  11. Craft Tool Pro Swivel Knife For Sale

    Knife still for sale if so I’ll give the. $30. Thanks