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  1. Case for small button accordion

    Beautiful. As a leather worker AND an accordion builder, like Scoutmom103, I'd also really like to peek inside.
  2. tubular rivet cap?

    All the things I was concerned about. Thanks Big Soux.
  3. tubular rivet cap?

    Here is the rivet cap in question.
  4. tubular rivet cap?

    Still learning and finding best uses for different rivets. Looking on Buckleguy and Ohio Travel Bag's sites, there are caps listed with tubular rivets. Near as I can tell it works like the cap on a double cap rivet. Anyone have any experience with these? Are they are secure as a regularly peened tubular rivet?
  5. Consew 310?

    I emailed Groz, and got the same answer as Brmax, and comparing those suggestions to their needle suggestion chart for various uses, I don't see any leather recommended needle types listed under DBX1 or 1738A. Like Uwe astutely pointed out, this may be a fruitless uphill battle, though good sense isn't often used in my decision making. Needle type chart suggests D, DH, and LL type points, and none of these points seem to be a choice in these 2 needle systems. Am I missing something, or is that needle assessment correct? A
  6. Consew 310?

    It did not come with needles. Is there a way to tell by looking at the needle holder? On the Consew parts list, it lists needle as part number 2110102-194 but I can't find any reference to that. Mystery machine is right.
  7. Consew 310?

    Definitely a 310. But I did find an owner's manual for the 210. I wonder how close they are.
  8. Consew 310?

    Anyone know anything about the Consew 310? Found one locally that looks to be in good shape and was very cheap, so took a chance and got it, figuring that being an industrial machine, it has a good chance of doing leather. But I can't find anything about it, no owners manual available, even from Consew. I don't know how to sew yet, but if this one would work for 8-10 oz leather, I'd like to start stitching my belts and straps with it. Thanks, Bryan