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  1. Special edition? Cb4500

    The head is gone hopefully someone sees this and buys the base
  2. Special edition? Cb4500

    If one of you bought this I found the foot controls at nps its dad though it's kind if beat up
  3. Special edition? Cb4500

    It's at nps market square in the industrial side
  4. Special edition? Cb4500

    Lol it's in utah now but I'm passing on it nice looking machine though
  5. Special edition? Cb4500

    Could or would you send me a cost for the missing parts though email or dm me
  6. Special edition? Cb4500

    This place sells damaged goods so like when a freight truck gets wrecked they buy it from the insurance and sell the product this however moves freely but the box was opened and everything out side of the foam the where all the parts are supposed to be are missing
  7. Special edition? Cb4500

    No motors no table no wheel no belts nothing all that is there is it I'm completely new to this and don't want to dive in a spend more than I need to but a bargain is a bargain even if I turn around and re sell it it looks like it's never been used other than it has the simple leather still attached
  8. Special edition? Cb4500

    Thanks Gary!!!
  9. Special edition? Cb4500

    They want $600 for it but I may be able to talk them down but the machine is missing everything. How hard would it be and cost effective to get the rest of the pieces to make this useable
  10. Special edition? Cb4500

    I think I have stumbled across a cb4500 special edition but I'm not sure and it is missing everything so my question is it worth buying and piecing together the rest of the parts this is all that is there