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    Printable gun blanks

    I think this has been discussed here before and the general consensus was that by the time you get all the measurements and spend the time printing the gun and tweaking it to make sure its exactly right it is just cheaper and easier to buy the blue guns. Todd
  2. Hildebrand

    Large areas of stamping (like basketweave)

    I am no expert but I have found that really slowing down and making sure the stamp placement is exactly where I want it helps. Also I try to stamp at a repeatable angle to a reference line, for example I have basket stamped a couple of holsters and I do 45 degrees from the vertical line at the front edge of the holster. I use a plastic triangle and lightly scribe lines to line the stamps on, sometimes each row sometimes every couple of rows. Also I have started using one of the round combination magnifying glass and light, this really helps with stamp placement. I have found both slowing down and using scribed lines when there is any doubt about where to put the stamp really helps. Todd
  3. I know this has been covered before but I cannot find the thread with the search function. There was a thread which showed step by step the order to sew a IWB holster with a stiffener around the opening. If someone remembers that thread and can point me to it I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Todd
  4. Thank you Jeff, that is exactly the one I was remembering.
  5. Hildebrand

    Blue guns for sale.

    I will take them for the $230. I will pm when I get to work to get payment details. Todd
  6. Hildebrand

    Shows 'n' stuff

    Unfortunately that logo means a lot. I have seen women lose their ever loving mind over a name brand wallet or purse. Usually not that well made.
  7. Hildebrand

    Newbie starts the first pattern

    There are a few things that I have found to help get a pattern right the first time, the first holster I made I couldn't even get the gun in after I sewed it up. First I try to draw up a pattern over a few days. It always seems like when I walk away for awhile and come back I see something I want to change just a little. Seems like if I do it in stages the overall finished product comes out better. Then when I have it where I think it is right, including the stitch lines I make a copy and cut it out and spray glue it to a piece of corrugated cardboard(pretty much mimics the thickness of leather)(I can't take credit for that tip I found it on here). Now wrap the cardboard with your pattern around your object and see if the stitch lines fall where they should, you can tweak it a little if they are off. This step can save a lot of leather, especially with holsters. I am only a little over a year back into this addiction called leather work. I have learned more on this forum than anywhere else. All I can say is there are some real masters of the craft here both the carving side and the holster/case side. Todd
  8. Hildebrand

    Custom chest holster for rhino 60ds

    Any chance of seeing the back? I would like to see how you made and attach that wing on the back that your straps attach to. Great work. Thank you, Todd
  9. Hildebrand

    Southwest Trade Show 2019

    Rbarleatherworks, I am not sure if you can fly directly to Sheridan anymore(I think you can on United through Denver) but you can definitely fly into Billings and rent a car. Its about 130 miles give or take from Sheridan to Billings all on the interstate. Todd
  10. Hildebrand

    Name on a belt

    If you have the belt that was wrong you should be able to just measure over however much you were off and re do it. Then use that belt as a guide to let you know how to measure for your style of work. Todd
  11. Ron, I also sent an email. If the snap setter is still available I'll take it the stapler too if it helps clear everything out. Todd
  12. Hildebrand

    Tape measure holder "help please"

    Thats the best bet, I made a speed square, tape measure, pencil holster for a friend and I couldn't find the clip so I bought a cheap one and cut the rivets. Todd
  13. Hildebrand

    Errors & non-existent user assistance

    Andy, This really isn't that unusual. Most of the forums I am on a few times a year a long time member will lose the ability to log on and have to create a new account. Honestly other than post count/member status usually not much is lost and for what we pay the folks servicing and maintaining sites like this they do a dang good job. Todd
  14. Hildebrand

    Simple Basketweave Belt

    Looks great, just out of curiosity what kind of guideline do you use to keep everything lined up? Thanks, Todd
  15. I decided to try something a little different for when I go to the mountains or such and want a few extra rounds with me. Its not always convenient to slide a belt slide on and off especially on the left side. So I came up with this concept and thought I would share. Please ignore the edges and stitching, this is just my prototype. The bottom picture is upside down, the clip clips down over the belt. Todd
  16. Hildebrand

    Tippmann Boss VS CB 3200

    I just sold a Boss and bought a 4500. I would wait and get the 3200. The Boss can be temperamental. I finally had it sewing decent but always held my breath while using it. Also the difference in the arm length is huge, the short open distance on the Boss frequently made it hard to work items through. Good luck and keep us posted. Todd
  17. I have 2 lengths of clips and this is the shorter one. I haven’t seen any shorter ones but I have only looked at Tandy.
  18. Hildebrand

    Xmas gift for a friend

    Very nice, basketweave is really great as is the edge around the brand cutouts.
  19. Sage advice here, I made one out of 2 7-8 oz layers and that thing will stand my pants up on its own. Its beautiful and stiff but really not practical. Todd
  20. Hildebrand

    Tippmann Boss For Sale- $700

    Tippmann has been sold. Thank you everyone for your interest.
  21. Hildebrand

    Tippmann Boss For Sale- $700

    I have a used Tippmann Boss for sale. It is the old cast iron version, serial number 130. I bought this used and it has been sewing well for me the past year. I upgraded to a CB 4500 so I no longer need this. It comes with small cones of 277 white and black and a small cone of 207 white, a new pack of #200 needles from Tippmann with 1 or 2 used( some old needles I received with it), 6+ bobbins, a screwdriver and a handful of allen wrenches and the original owners manual and bobbin winder for drill. Also has the center pressor foot along with the double toe foot, the material edge guide and the led light. There are also a box with a couple spare parts that will go with it. I will ship as long as the machine is paid for and the shipping is pre paid. There are pictures of sewing examples and the machine, on the holster that is not a skipped stitch by the machine it is one I missed as that is where the two stitching segments joined and I stopped one to soon. Price is $700. Message me if you want more information. Thanks Todd
  22. Hildebrand

    Tippmann Boss For Sale- $700

    i would be happy to let you try it out if you wanted to run up. Todd
  23. Hildebrand

    Tippmann Boss For Sale- $700

    I am in Gillette, where are you? Todd
  24. Hildebrand

    Tippmann Boss For Sale- $700

    Yes it it available.
  25. Hildebrand

    Tandy Printable Tracing Sheets

    Another good option is the plastic printable overhead transparency material. These hold up pretty well but not forever but easy to just print another one.