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  1. Welcome! You'll find lots of answers here to questions already asked but if you don't find a question already answered the group here is great at jumping in to help.
  2. Cuz taxes didn't suck enough ...

    Oregon voted and won against a sales tax but we still have to do taxes for the other states who voted for it. Such is life - death and taxes, no way around either.
  3. Hot Stamping Machines- Need Guidance

    I started the same way. My next purchase was one of the big hand-held hot foil stamping machines. That went a little better than the soldering iron but it had its own challenges. Because of the big base on it I couldn't see well where to set the stamp and hold the thing straight up and down and apply consistent pressure at the same time. So I practiced for a bit, came to the conclusion that I would need a stationary machine. Did the research and realized I would need to stay on the less expensive end (by comparison to other machines) and got the Zonesun. Still practicing with it.
  4. Hot Stamping Machines- Need Guidance

    I purchased a Zonesun on Etsy. The gal (Nadia) gives excellent customer service, the machine works great, and the font sets she sells comes with 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 20 symbols, and 1 number set. That still doesn't cut it for names that have three of the same letter like the name 'Lilly'. I got 6mm letters but the letters sets can be made in other sizes too. The machine I got came with one set and she substituted the lower case for upper case so I at least had two of each letter in upper case. I don't see Zonesuntech on Etsy today in a quick search which makes me a little nervous but they do have a website. I haven't used it a ton because I'm still learning about heat, foil, and how the different leathers take the hot foil or just hot stamping without the foil. Don't want to try it on a good project until I'm confident I'm not going to mess it up.
  5. Just almost the minimal effort

    Love the gator and veg tan combo. Colors look really nice together.
  6. Truck Key Fob

    I get stuff from SLC, ahkwok buckles, Tandy, Gold Star Tool and probably a couple other places I can't think of right now.
  7. Hello From Nova Scotia, Canada

    Welcome. That is some nice looking leather work.
  8. Couch arm table

    That is beautiful! What a great idea. I like it. I really like the floral.
  9. Old World Wedding Decanter

    Very nice and a great idea. Lots of planning and hard work and it turned out great.
  10. Truck Key Fob

    Great idea. I would probably have used a snap strap to make it easier to remove the fob.
  11. Howdy from Colorado

    Welcome Squid61! This is the place to be to learn. Everyone is very helpful around here.
  12. Cuz taxes didn't suck enough ...

    I don't know what we're going to do about it but I do know it is just another batch of red tape that will drive some small businesses out. Too much paper work, too many different rules and rates in the different states and counties/cities within the states....frustrating to say the least.
  13. Bracelet

    That is a really nice looking bracelet. Beautiful.
  14. Discontinued Craftaids for sale

    @YinTx Received the craftaids today. They are excellent! Thank you!