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  1. Goodyear Needles

    Goodyear is a style of welting for shoes, so I presume the needles are specific.
  2. Singer 211g156

    Yes, but at 40 MP US gallon its eqivalent of $50 fuel as well, from Norfolk.
  3. Am I Totally Inept

    Me either. H
  4. Am I Totally Inept

    I note this is for tooling, casing for moulding/molding is slightly different as you need the leather to be flexible. When tooling, with a lightly wrung out sponge, I moisten the flesh of the leather, then moisten the skin. The thicker the leather, the slightly more I moisten it. Everyone works out what's best for them, after a while. In the meantime a thread from 2009 by hidepounder got a lot of discussion going: Good luck, Harry
  5. 3D print for patterns

    Cool, thanks, Chris
  6. 3D print for patterns

    Hey Chris... maybe we can talk about printing me some moulds when you become super proficient. Seriously, I am keen to see how it goes, as I am looking at getting a local laser cutter in Dereham to cut me some metal jigs, and I think 3d printing may be better for me to learn. I may well emulate you. Harry
  7. Really?@!

    Hey JLS I am still with you on this... In Europe GDPR regulations stpulate what can and cannot be collected, it's a pain, but we can request to be forgotten. No one but my tailor needs my inside leg measurement! I know its an overstatement but there must be boundaries. H
  8. Bosal Supplies Europe/Austria

    I think a Bosal is a Head Stall, from ancient memory... then I looked at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosal so they're hackamore nosebands, that I have only seen in rawhide. If you are using kangaroo, falconers use it for some of their products, one source in the UK is https://www.identityleathercraft.com/index.php/the-leather-room/veg-tan-kangaroo-leather-and-other-leather-types-for-falconry.html Best H
  9. Hidden Seams

    I wondered, but you'd see the stitching inside, or if it was all stitched and turned, as if you were doing a cushion cover, there would be an area that would need oversewing to close where you turned it inside out. It would be good to get one to disect it and find out. H
  10. Hidden Seams

    Is it stitched or glued with INDUSTRIAL glues? It doesn't look stitched to me, but then is it leather or substitute? I agree with Chris regarding the apparent lack of protection. H
  11. I have used this type successfully too. Would the weight of the apron warrant a narrow board in the base, for lateral strength? H
  12. Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    Jewellers rouge on the edge of leather; I can see how this works and wish I'd thought of it years ago, thanks for the tip bikermutt. Jewellers rouge on threads of varying thicknesses; over time this may mishapen the cutting edge into a curve. And restoring a flat edge to a curved blade area is a nightmare. H
  13. Sorry, myjtp, I am in the UK and use a leather factor for my skins. Best Harry
  14. "vegan" leather suitable for straps?

    Thanks Tom, Yup, I am happilly vegetarian, and you forgot Fruitarians and Pescatarians from your list. A vegan is always a vegetarian, but not all vegetarians are vegan. Vegetarians donteat flesh, and that includes chicken and fish. I am Lacto-ovo vegetarian, as I can eat eggs and dairy, My brother has an immediate reaction to eggs, so I got the lucky cal in our family. I know and am friends with many veggies and vegans, and have never tried to convince one top change their lifestyle. I am often admonished by vegans for eating dairy and eggs, and using leather. Whilst a bit of the above has been off-topic, there is sensible advice on alternatives to leather, as well as more esoteric discussion of why people would happilly use products that are reliant on the petrochem industry, whist not using the readily available by product of the meat industry. Best Harry
  15. Can be thin, but not as thin as kangaroo. Flexible, easy to work, and great pore pattern. H