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  1. Hello and question about gusset

    I do not crease the gusset, as I rarely want the concertina to be that tight.
  2. Hello and question about gusset

    Most bags with such gussets have some kind of forming or light stiffening inside the leather. Many from the likes of Tusting in the UK have a fabric inside which helps to 'form' the gusset. Others are lined with a light board or light texon type board, with either a fitted or loose fabric lining. The triangles come from the way the pieces are pulled through the sewing machine, so if hand-stitching you may not have the same problem with unlined bags. Away from my workshop for 6 months, else I could have provided photos Harry
  3. Lets talk about WOW factor in leatherwork.

    Norfolk boys! Chilled. Hopefully we'll meet one day Chrisash. Harry
  4. Lets talk about WOW factor in leatherwork.

    As in all things, you produce and sell (or give) to your market. I was lucky enough to do a 3 year college course at Cordawainers in London, and was taught by some of the very best crafts, and trades people in the industry (including the Queen's side-saddle maker and the man that made the cricket balls for test matches). I choose to only make goods to give as gifts at the moment, as I am in full time employment in another industry, so I choose to use my skills to the fullest, and am my harshest critic. I have also been a designer / pattern maker for leathergoods and luggage companies, and understand making to a cost and to a market. If you are happy, the customer is happy and they come back for more, you are making it good enough for your market. If you want to join the Guild of Master Craftsmen, or the Worshipful Company of Saddlers etc, maybe the technique, quality of materials and finish will matter more. Personally I want to enjoy what I do, not get bored of the making the same thing over and over and learn from the great ideas that others are having -in all material design, to see if it can be done in leather. Personally I was blown away by the work on a mallet and a maul by one member - because they look great and I would never have thought of it. There are hundreds of other craftsmen examples as well, but they stick in my mind. Have fun (and make money if you can) Harry
  5. Bag stiffener - Anyone know this product?

    Or you have to clean the glue from your wife's iron, when she uses I on clothes she is making.... It may be sold as Vilene if it was from the footwear industry, cannot recall the other trade names. Harry
  6. Knife pouch restoration 2

    Excellent work. I love repairing, and your knife case is a ringer for my (departed) Dad's that he used for his pocket whittling knife, now its my younger sister's pride and joy. Lovely restoration pieces. Harry
  7. Music bag

    I love it, clean, traditional and so well made, brilliant
  8. trivial trivia

    Fredk I think your riddle answer is a bridge But I have nothing to follow it with Harry
  9. trivial trivia

    OK silly one for now In which state is it legal for a man to marry his widow's sister? Harry
  10. other forums

    Yup, really makes me grin.
  11. Help with burnishing

    I've always used water, and dye, for 30 plus years, only found gum tragacanth since I joined here, have some in the workshop to try. If the veg tan is tight grained and you've used a sharp edger, you'd get a shiny edge.
  12. Help with burnishing

    It's often a good idea to finish the edges as much as possible, in the way Mattsbagger says, before stitching, so you can do the whole piece, without the stiches stopping you.
  13. other forums

    The avatar is friendlier
  14. other forums

    Everyone says the avatar looks more like me than most photos But it has more hair