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  1. Cutting table top material?

    Paraffin or whale oil in the lamps Harry? What to go with my walrus tusk knife handles? Yup, HDPE is a good buy, and I must get some too.
  2. Useable/practical/budget skiver

    My reply here covers some of your queries.
  3. Cutting table top material?

    In industry... in the olden days, if we could see through the fug from oil lamps... we had HDPE mats that we 6 ft x 2 ft x 1 inch, on the bench, and on a side bench (we were the design room so got 'special treatment') had a butcher's block that needed oiling and prepping etc, that was 3 ft x 2 ft and had a piece of 1 inch HDPE off cut for punching, or a block of lead for punching. Using my head knife I am ok on self healing mats now, but my round knife use on wood only. Remember, in the factory we were mainly using clicking knives or head (half round) not round knives, so my 'go to' is a differing one than many. I use my scalpel for bookbinding, nearly exclusively. Best H
  4. Cutting table top material?

    I looked at this UK site, and when I have made my bench will contact them. I like the interlocking mats, as you can move them around as they wear. https://signgeer.com/equipment-workshop/sign-furniture/cutting-mats Harry
  5. Is this skiver worth it?

    I use a German machine similar to this for skiving (at an angle), edge paring for turned over edges and paring for bookbinding (laborious but better than using a spokeshave and lots of bad language). If I could get another machine in my shop, it would be a bell skiver, but to do that I'd have to move my computer into the garden. In short, its as sharp as the razor blades you put in it. You will get through a lot of scrap getting used to setting it up, but it will do a job. H
  6. Does anyone make traditional clicking patterns?

    @ Sheilajeanne Yes the Clicking presses were developed following the manual cutting of paterns by operatives. The noise of the blades against the brass bound patterns was the clicking that gave the operatives the name 'clickers' and then the knives were clicking knives, and the press with press knives were developed to speed up the clicking process. http://www.digitaljournal.com/image/111919 shows a clicking room. You can imagine the noise of the hand held knives around the templates. https://bowstock.co.uk/acatalog/info_CKIND.html is one of the clicking knives I use, but I grind my own blades from hacksaw blades. I have used zinc patterns for ages and used to use brass bound in the factory as a designer, as it was cheaper to get a bound pattern to test the design and show buyers from the big stores, before getting press knives made up, as it was reasonably cheap to change single components. As I am only doing batch runs at most, I thought I'd try both zinc and brass bound to see which I preferred now. The zinc cost 70% of the bound, but the thickness on the bound may make for a more even cut. Some top end shoe makers still use the brass bound for their shoes probably as it is more traditional. Harry I rarely tool my work nowadays, its not as popular in the UK, so I usually work in Bridle with a polished finish. Sometimes there are folks that want names on the belts, and I have stamps to do it, but not too often. H
  7. Does anyone make traditional clicking patterns?

    I have now received two patterns, and will try them later. The service was excellent, and I cannot recommend S J West Press Knives in Rushden, UK, highly enough. Harry
  8. Leather identification help?

    Could not find the stuffed pigskin when I visited, unfortunately. H
  9. Leather identification help?

    the leather was saddle skirting, fully stuffed from Sharp and Woollard in Stony Stratford, UK and I only recently found a pigskin that (almost) matches it. So I will be making another using a cuir bouillon method in a couple of weeks. H
  10. Leather identification help?

    Seriously disappointed with it
  11. Hello from a new member

    Welcome to the forum, Peter, we are a friendly bunch, and we always seem to be learning. Best Harry
  12. Leather identification help?

    I'm a bit late to the party, but pigskin has a distinctive tyre hair follicle pattern on pigskin, which is evident if you zoom into the pictures. It looks like "..." all over the skin. Some cow splits are plated with this pattern, but the follicles are much more even when it's a patterned cowhide. Also it looks like a sueded split, but also there's no tell tale coloration on the edges, so I'd also suggest a mainly veg tan, possibly a mixed tannage. I love pigskin and have a coin purse that has had daily use, in a pocket with a billfold and keys since 1986, and has only just started to look tired.
  13. Anyone know who makes these?

    Sorry, don't know, but may well want some. H
  14. I often read requests for help, mainly the ones on 'where can I buy this or that?' type of subject, where the member has not put his or her location in their profile. The result is that people will figure out answers, often going to the trouble to get and post web addresses etc, that are irrelevent to the poster as they are on different continents. Please could you put your location in your profile; not your home town or state necessarilly (although someone may offer to help out on a one to one basis if you're close enough) but a hint such as UK, USA, Eastern Europe could really be useful. Some of us are trying to make a living, but are happy to help, but it is a bit deflating to find out you may have recommended popping into Tandy for a chat, when the OP is in Timbuktoo. Thanks guys H
  15. Cuz taxes didn't suck enough ...

    Seem to remember they took all of our mineral rich real-estate at the same time... Just kidding guys, some of my best friends are American H