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  1. Okay, I’ve been on the fence about a flatboed vs a cylinder arm with table adapter. But then I see this and I’ve made up my mind.
  2. Found Pfaff parts for a gold 1245 machine

    Thanks for the tip, @Constabulary id not considered that possibility. Thanks!
  3. Found Pfaff parts for a gold 1245 machine

    Thanks, Wiz. Its a constant risk assessment decision, isn’t it? Budget vs dreams!
  4. Found Pfaff parts for a gold 1245 machine

    Ugh. Welp. Hmm. Your articles and knowledge are very helpful, Wiz. I think the actual availability of these parts is the solution-breaking part. Sew sad.
  5. This is a great thread. I’m not usually good at puns, either.
  6. Okay, sort of a short lead up. I’m new here. I’ve been looking for a used walking foot sewing machine (I know, join the club, apparently) that will work for a newbie. I think I’m looking for a machine for light to medium duty leather work for bags, and small goods in vegan and chrome tan leather. But I don’t think I’m ready to go whole hog and get a new $2-4,000 machine. Live been looking at both flatbed and cylinder arm machines such as the conservative and Juki types but I think I’d like to start on a used machine such as the Pfaff flatbed 1245, 545, or the cylinder 335. So I finally found one available for around $1000 but I think it’s missing a grease housing cover in the craigslist photos so I ended up finding a machine diagram, then a parts list, and then a website that has parts for a reasonable price. Impressive. Check out my findings for a 1245 grease housing front and back: Diagram list:: scroll down to 1245 then the actual diagram: Go to page 16 to see the housing that surrounds the transfer gears that power the bobbin. Part numbers 91-141 546-05 and 91-141 545-05 So so I go searching and I find a site that apparently sells these two pieces for under a dollar. Sure. Great find. But knowing I can replace many of these parts at all is a boon on a machine that’s likely as old as I am! I’m impressed with myself and that got me the nerve to post on this here forum in hopes it helps someone else, too. Cheers! Also, if you have additional tips for this noob I’m all ears. This forum is fantastic.
  7. Tandy Business Pricing....

    Totally agree. Although when it comes to b runs of things like Horween or W&C, I don't mind the risk as bad. cc @Maverick Leather Company Oooooh!
  8. Enough of hand sewing

    I just finished my first bag, a shoulder bag for the wife out of 7oz horween latigo, ritza 1.0 thread and the needle nose pliers saved my fingers. It took like 12 hours, phew! That was a stitching thrill. Here I go for more!
  9. Tandy Business Pricing....

    I was just looking at this the other night. Seemed like a good deal for 48 sq ft. Originally $249. .com/en/product/assorted-color-whole-hides Unless I reupholster my bus, I don't need 48 sq ft of random hide, either.
  10. Wow, that roll looks wonderful. Nice work.