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  1. waterproof finish and vivid colours

    hi Immiketoo, thank you ! i will check that out
  2. hello everyone, Maybe you have some tip for me which finish is REALLY waterproof and also which colours have a vivid strong beautifull shades ? thank you for your help, wishing you nice sunday tia
  3. leather carving

    Keep practicing
  4. leather carving

    hello , thanks for the tip of the book. Yeah i saw online some pages of this book and now i know the author ! I will definitely check it out
  5. leather carving

    hi everyone, I did start to learn leather carving, i do have These Tools now. I do have over 10years experiences with leather bags, but this is something completely new and exciting for me. I think, i do make somewhere huge mistakes: either with not enough depth of a cut or also this can be using of wrong hammer maybe ? I do sending some Pictures, would be very glad for your help. have a nice Weekend, Sling