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  1. Photo Demo: Making a Biker Wallet

    Sorry, but where’s the PFD with the tutorial. I’m only seeing the PFD with the pattern. I’d really like to try this wallet out! Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everyone, this may not be the proper post for this, but where can I purchase Chicago screws with nylon washers for a QuickDraw Buck sheath I’m making? Thanks in advance!
  3. Speedloader Pouch

    Sorry to everyone that was waiting on my template, i will be uploading it now. I'm in the military and my schedule is all over the place. I never got home on Sunday, just got off duty today.
  4. Speedloader Pouch

    I will share on Sunday when I’m home
  5. Speedloader Pouch

    I will share on Sunday when I’m home
  6. Speedloader Pouch

    Thank you very much! The first one was done a year exactly before the second one. Work has had me super busy, so I don’t get a lot of time to work on leather like I’d like to. But when I find some time I continue teaching myself.
  7. Speedloader Pouch Here are the pics for the second one with the template
  8. Speedloader Pouch Here are the Picts of the first one I made from scratch and didn’t make a template for.
  9. Speedloader Pouch

    I’m probably gonna have to get on the computer to upload
  10. Speedloader Pouch

    About a year ago I started reading in this forum, and got into leatherwork. I ended making a speed loader pouch for a friend, but I didn’t make templates to recreate it. Then last month he asked me for a second one, this time I make templates and I should be done with it this week. What I can’t figure out is how to add pictures from an iPhone.
  11. I looked into that myself when I was looking to buy a 3D printer but I can’t find anywhere that has specs or 3D files to print out blue guns, which would make it easier to make some decent holsters.