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  1. Thanks JD62
  2. Here is a sheath I made this past weekend. This is my 5th project I have made. I used a scrap leather piece that I got in a remnant bag. It holds my Buck 110
  3. CLebel

    I'm new to leather, but here's what I am doing
  4. Woodland Fantasy Pouch

    That looks awesome
  5. Newbie to Leather working

    First attempt at tooling
  6. Here is my first attempt at trying to tool leather, clearly I have much to learn.
  7. Newbie to Leather working

    Hi everyone, My name is Curt and I am from Portland, Oregon and I am new to leathercraft. I tried it out about 21 years ago and the ex didn't like the loud banging so alas, it fell by the wayside. The ex is now long gone and I have decided to give it another try, so here I am to learn any information, tips and knowledge I may find along the way. So far I have only made a medicine bag and a rounder for tooling practice.