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    Trying to get as much knowledge as possible from the great minds on leatherworker.

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  1. Consew DCS-S2 skiving machine skiver

    Sold please remove posting
  2. Cutting dies

    All have been sold and in route to new home.
  3. techsew 3850

    Any takers at $1350 ? Need to get rid of my storage unit. It is costing me more to store the machine in storage.
  4. Cobra NP-4 skiving machine

    Any takers at $900 ? This machine is now $1400 new plus shipping from leather machine company with the new tariff. Machine has been used a handful of times.
  5. Schmetz needle difference

    Hello Big Sioux Saddlery the 7x3 is actually the really sharp pointy needle. the 794S is more rounded. they both seem to work fine, I just wanted to know which needle I should be using since I am sewing through 16 oz of thick leather. I not to familiar with needles. I have read other topics and have some what of an understand of the needle system. These are the only 2 different needles leather machine company offers for my cobra class 4. Is there a specific needle I should be using to make my belts?
  6. Can anyone tell me the difference between these needles? I bought them both at the leather machine company. I make 16 oz belts and use 207 thread. One of the needles is really sharp and pointy and the other one is rounded. Not sure which i should be using for my belts. Any advice?
  7. Fortuna leather splitting machine

    Thank you Itch for the information. Sadly the machine has been sitting in storage until I can power it. This will make it easier and I finally put it to use.
  8. I just saw this post. Im interested in the pfaff. Im in Los angeles. DM your info and we can go from there.
  9. Landis 12 Model G for sale

    Are the pfaff machines still for sale? If so how much are you asking? 1
  10. This is an original Pfaff 1245. looks like a clone to me. tried to zoom in on the picture you uploaded but cant make out the sticker clearly.
  11. Cutting dies

    Steadybrook i apologize for the delay i never got a notification about your reply. 1st diamond is 2 7/8 long by 3 in wide 2nd diamond is 3 3/4 long by 3 7/8 wide 3rd diamond is 2 3/8 long by 2 1/2 wide Star is 1 7/8 Small peace circle is 2 1/8 Bigger peace circle is 2 3/8 Large circle is 3 inches Small heart is 3 1/4 long by 3 1/8 wide Bigger heart is 4 inches long x 3 7/8 wide.
  12. Need help finding some Dies

    Springfield leather co. Sells them. I believe it is $75 and will be the whole set. Dont think they sell separate.
  13. Burnisher attachments

    Thank for they replies. I wasn't sure if I should by the ones I saw on amazon or ebay. if they work for you guys im sure it will work for me as well. thanks for the help.
  14. Cutting dies

    which specific ones?
  15. Cutting dies

    Dont have any pcs cut out. Was forced out of my lease and my clicker is sitting in a garage but dont have the correct outlet to hook it up.