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  1. Back Quiver Carving

    Thanks so much! I used to spend countless hours drawing when I was younger. Leather work has really reignited my passion for art and creating things.
  2. Back Quiver Carving

    Thanks!! Yes I came up with the design. I sketched it out with pencil on the leather.
  3. Still have to make the strap(s) Then stitch and lace everything together. Still working on getting my tooling a little cleaner. I may do another coat of antique to fill in some of the blotchy lines around the antlers and arrow, but I kind of like how it looks .
  4. New member from PA

    Thanks again!! Have a few other projects in the works. Hopefully will have them finished up soon.
  5. New member from PA

    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!!!
  6. New member from PA

    Sorry if the pics are huge and sort of out of order. The back quiver was my first big project and I learned a ton building that. The bag was a gift for my girlfriend and is probably the piece i'm most proud of to date. The armguard was also for her as she is just getting into archery. I've made a few bracelets as well and a wallet but am excited to start making some knife sheaths, rifle slings/buttstock covers, and other mostly hunting/outdoors type stuff. Any critiques, suggestions, feedback is more than welcome.
  7. New member from PA

  8. New member from PA

  9. New member from PA

  10. New member from PA

  11. New member from PA

    What a wealth of information!! Just got started on this endeavor a few months ago and am totally obsessed!! Thanks for all the knowledge that you've shared and will share in the future!! Hopefully I can contribute a bit as well. I'll see if I can post some pictures, most of mine seem to exceed the file size limit, and I'm admittedly not the most tech savvy.