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  1. Combination Cartridge cuff

    A very nice piece of work there.well done
  2. Beer Growler Caddy

    Growlers are the 2L sized bottle and Squealers are 1L bottles used in the homebrew/craft brew scene. Growlers can be refilled at most micro brewies. A pain carrying them around unless you have a cool case and strap
  3. Cane Toad Skin Stubby Holders

    I really like the "Ned Kelly" toad one! A great use of an invasive feral pest,just lucky the buggers arent in the west yet.
  4. Another Stohlman floral HW75 pnuematic airgun and F1 sheath

    They look great
  5. Black Rose SAA holster

    Great work.Like the texture behind the rose as well,works nicely
  6. Fish skin key wallet

    Great colour on that fish skin Rokoboy. Where did you the fish skin from?
  7. New Beer Growler Carrier

    I have been all grain for about 10years now and it's has really come along way with what you can buy these days. I have a 3V system with a 80-100L brew capacity depending on the style and alcohol gravity. Cheers
  8. New Beer Growler Carrier

    I reckon you will have some sales
  9. tri-weave padded rifle sling

    Great sling,i like tri weave to but soo hard to line up
  10. New Beer Growler Carrier

    Really nice growler carrier there, as an all grain brewer I am always taking a growler full of brew round to a mates place. Really nice to be able to carry it in a stylish case such as that.
  11. Patriotic knife sheath for a Kabar

    Great work with carving and stamping. Like the two colour stitching.
  12. Dragon figure carving

    Wow, inspirational work.Thanks for sharing.
  13. Basketweave stamped bracelets

    Really nice work there. Hard to get that basket weave all lined up correctly,good work.
  14. Holster and Gun Belt

    Simply superb work!!
  15. Hydro/ vacuum formed knife sheath

    Yeah great advise,thankyou