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  1. Holster and Gun Belt

    Simply superb work!!
  2. Hydro/ vacuum formed knife sheath

    Yeah great advise,thankyou
  3. Threepersons Done!

    Really really nice rigs and slides there! Wow
  4. 1911 Holster

    Just join a club Rockoboy , SSAA or WAPA clubs are around. Cane toads are not in the west of Australia yet, @##$%@% toads cause so much damage due to native species eating them and dying. I HATE feral animals in Australia. All toads,cats and foxes should be made into leather products instantly
  5. Thank you very much for that information.Have to buy some dowel and give it a go.pattern for the pocket leather should be tricky. Oh well practice practice.
  6. Thanks Dikman I have a stamping addiction lol and it covers up a lot of my mistakes. I am currently using a belt with 2 shell pockets,very easy to use. I am guessing they are wet formed around some dowl? Never tried to make em as wet molding still seems out of my league.
  7. Great work Stormdevil. Agreed I am working on my second lot of loading strips using your advise.
  8. Really nice work on both of those holsters,basketweave,carving and painting are tops
  9. Hello From South Africa

    Howzit Not a Saffa,but I have plenty of Saffa mates and they call me Bleskop. They have taught me how to make biltong. Alisdair why is Zim biltong better than SA biltong? Different spices? I use Fredddy Hirsch Kalahari mix or the Hunters mix.
  10. First Holster...

    Great work,nice basket weave and stitching. Awesome work for first attempt
  11. My first four wallets.

    Top work there.I am currently working some myself,also my first.
  12. 44 special holster

    Very Nice,really like the red interior.Hand stitching was hard?? One day I will make one,one day
  13. First learner project , rifle scabbard

    Great colour really clean lines,what rifle have you made it for??
  14. Work in progress

    Nice shape and design,the stamping border goes really well with the overall look of the bag as well. I want one of those stamps
  15. Beads on Beads on Beads!

    Great looking belts!!!