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  1. Non-Traditional leather Carving/Tooling

    Wow wow some great carving Immiketoo Your carving work is awesome as usual,I haven't seen your holster work before so I really like that Bob Blea - Really like the 1st and 3rd pics, the red and black contrasts very nicely. The green, black and white design just pops! What did you use the designs on??
  2. My latest Knife Scabbard.

    Nice work,looks solid. Is it a custom made knife?
  3. Leather Knife Sheath

    Thanks YinTx The knife just sits on the messy desk that is my leather working area.So not a lot of wear and tear on the sheath so it should last. It was more a learning project than a specific sheath project. I had the tooled leather piece for a bullet loading strip but on the spur of the moment I chopped it up and made the I was happy just to get my head around the process of cutting out a welt,sizing it to the blade and gluing it together.I surprised my self with the fact it works well and I am looking forward to making some stitched sheaths for a couple of Bowie knife blanks I have laying around(once I make them some handles lol)
  4. The Great Wave off Kanagawa

    Great everything!stitching,dye work,carving, design etc
  5. Leather Knife Sheath

  6. The God of Wine

    Wow such awesome work! How many hours roughly for this leather work of art. Hope to be at this level of carving in 5 and a bit years,lol.
  7. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Some quality work there,well done
  8. Yeah Howard's next week. Maybe pop into Freo on Sunday
  9. Don't be a one trick pony.

    I would like to work up the courage to do some braiding,all seems so difficult.
  10. Cool way to sharpen bevelers!

    Thanks for the video. I have been shown how to sharpen a beveler on the edge of piece of leather with jewellers rouge. But I have a smaller beveler where it doesn't seem to work so I will try this when I get home
  11. Carving eyes, a brief tutorial.

    Very informative video thankyou
  12. Ooops sorry afternoon light added the brown tint lol. Another pic
  13. Dyed them today with a vinagroon. Really like the blue,black colour
  14. Thank you very much for your help. One of the biggest things I find difficult is the setting up of my leather projects and the spacing for the slots had me thinking a fair bit. I bit the bullet and just went a little bit more on the spacing than the .357 loop slots. Anyway pics attached.