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  1. Awesome project and pics.Great to see how you go from the original idea to the finished product.I would like to do something similar one day and will definitely be revisiting this thread. Cheers
  2. Couch arm table

    Wow great carving and stamping!
  3. First Seat for 2019

    wow that is a great looking bike and seat
  4. First guitar strap since starting back up.

    Nice very nice,nice stamping and I like the hop guitar logo on the strap! Hope he gives you lots of IPA for your efforts Cheers
  5. Refillable journal covers

    Really nice work.what size are they.any pics of the inside?
  6. First aid kit cover

    Great carving work there.
  7. Simple Basketweave Belt

    Great Information thanks for that
  8. First Seat for 2019

    Great work,doing work for show bikes can't be easy. One day I would like to make seats for some of my friends who have Harleys. Pic of it on the finished bike would be great
  9. Simple Basketweave Belt

    A masterful job with the basketweave. So hard to get it straight and lined up properly well done.
  10. Harley tank bibs/panels

    Nice.would like to see how they attach to the tank.i would like to make some for my friends who ride
  11. How I now straighten leather for strap cutting

    Thanks for sharing Rocky. Great idea,i was using a stripe of aluminium ,but it is too light moves and is not pinned with screws,so thanks for that idea. Nice sharp round knife too
  12. Hackysack for the fun of it

    Used to play a lot but for us it was a turned into a drinking game, but I am Australian lol
  13. First attempt at a belt

    Top work,a nice strong looking belt there. Should last a few years.
  14. 1st time tooling (Viking Serpent)

    Nice work with the carving,keep at it!I I have just started out doing basic shilouette carving and know there is a long road ahead. Immiketoo thanks for sharing those tips,a few words and images can teach a great deal sometimes.