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  1. First attempt at inlay/overlay

    Great work for first attempt. Have never tried any inlay work. got me thinking now
  2. Finished Quiver

    Top quality work there.Stamping and sewing is awesome!
  3. Second Holster

    Fantastic work there A+ talent
  4. Sorry I got lost in this big forum. Thanks for those replies.Both of your loading strips look great. Still haven't gotten round to making one yet
  5. Stubby / Can Holders

    Awesome Stubby holders there mate. Like the bush chook and cane toad ones
  6. Are girls allowed? :P

    wow love the dog pic Really clever tote bag with the alcohol warning
  7. Still at it.

    Great looking work on those holsters.Want to do a full rig for my single action gear one day.Keep at it
  8. Recent Projects

    Very nice work.your gun club friends will be happy
  9. Guitar Case

    Next Level stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Knife sheath for middleearth style knife

    Inspiring stuff. Really like the contrast of the two different leathers. Great work
  11. Custom armguard for injury.

    Awesome work,really nice lines,colour and design.
  12. Shotshell pouches

    Great work on those pouches
  13. Nice pattern work on the holster, what dye colour will you use on the leather?
  14. New member from Geneva, Switzerland

    Great work
  15. Really nice belt and arm guard. Great stamping and carving the colour is really rich as well.I have a few different basket weave stamps and have been wondering how to set a different angle on a belt. I have only done 2 belts so far with a basket weave and on both the pattern is running parallel to the belt. Thanks for sharing