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  1. Along with a Consew 226 I aquired a bunch of new North and Judd steel/chrome loops. Size on box one states 1 1/8 by 1/2. These loops are closed but not welded and the wire size is .125. Box 2 states 1 by 9/16 . These are welded and the wire size is .175. Also a couple boxes of 1 inch black tips, and I think a box or two of clips for the loops. I've plenty for me so any interest at .10 each plus shipping. Some day I will learn to post pics but until that time photos available by e-mail or even better text. Thanks Alan
  2. Mercury M-337

    I recently picked up a fairly pristine Mercury M-337 for not much money. I have added a servo and actually have sewn a belt with it. I know they are lightly regarded Knock offs made by I believe a company named Morse. A couple of questions for Wiz or the rest of you. It did not come with a manuel and I have not been able to locate one on the net. Can anyone steer me in the right direction. Is there any particular machine that it is a copy of? In looking for feet they seem to be the same as a consew 205 or Juki 1181 and different from the singers. Japanese Made? It seemed to sew with 138 fine and I don't know that I will ever want more but One always wonders. Info, comments, thoughts all welcome. Thanks Alan