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  1. Belts & Strap Goods

    Is the centering punch still on the block? Burnisher? Any short run production strap making equipment I have9 an interest Silverd
  2. A barrel full of common sense I'd say Big Sioux! Silverd
  3. Cobra NP-4 skiving machine

    Still available? I'm in Oxnard ca Silverd 805-701-3990
  4. Does anyone have experience with this machine? Wold appreciate any feedback Thanks! Silverd
  5. Campbell Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

    Or one can finish by hand? Silverd Finally got a response back from the Campbell folks. They have or will rebuild to order a Campbell machine complete with table and 1hp servo drive system for $6250 or head only $5475. Funny thing. They apparently use Haas cnc mills and lathes to manufacture many of the replacement parts used in their rebuild process. I've worked at Haas for over twenty years as a mechanical engineer. If I can get them to provide me with a shipping quote we may do some buisness. However I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about their customer service at this point. I like the idea of buying a tight machine that is well supported but my experience so far in this industry has been minus the well suppored part. Just saying. I think that may be one reason why a forum like gets the traffic it does. The folks here have been way more informative and supportive than the equipment supplies I've dealt with. It's been an eye opening experience let's just say! Silverd
  6. Wanted: Weaver Press

    Looking for Weaver or equivalent hole punch press, and edge finisher burnishing machine.
  7. Campbell Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

    I finally heard back from Dan, the Sales manager at Campbell Randall in Conroe, TX. They are setting up an improved rebuilding manufacturing process and are looking at 4-6mo delivery of the Campbell lock stich machine until up to speed. These machines are rebuilt to like new condition using the casting cores from old worn out machines then fit with remanufactured parts...and as such are expensive. Very expensive but as close to a new machine as one can get! IT sounds like their previous manufacturing method used a one at a time Hot Rod approach...The new plan may be more batch type and likely will produce more consistent parts. Dan was extremely knowledgeable about the product and the rebuilding process and he took his time explaining and answering all of my questions. One of the accessories I'm interested in is the Round maker attachment as example. It has a blade on the throat plate and one on the presser foot that cut sew channels into the strap as it is being stitched. When I asked Dan if the attachment really works, he told me the new attachments use the original design and the original hand drawings that were generated in the late 1800's. Nice! A proven vintage design for traditional Bridle work available in todays age. Effectively these machines are functional antiques that have not been redesigned or replaced with a modern equivalent. Only in the Leather industry! There are some interesting characteristics of the Campbell lock stich I'll need to gain understanding of before I buy however. Wiscrafts expounds on the technique of backstitching above; Wow! Very complicated so it seems but possible? I'm wondering how well it will sew cheek buckle pieces considering how big the presser foot is for example? Anybody have experience with this? Silverd
  8. Fenda 6" Splitter

    Hi Does anyone have experience with a Fenda Splitter. German made unit similar to the Landis 30 but with a hand crank on top to adjust the thickness. Thank you in advance Silverd
  9. Campbell Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

    Many thanks. I'll follow up with these folks and see where it goes. I agree that you get what you pay for most the time...and sometimes you dont. Silverd
  10. Campbell Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

    Im in contact with him. He's claiming local pick-up only... Any idea of the risk factor buying one this old? It looks like hell but I guess that's what they say about me too!! Silverd
  11. Campbell Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

    Ive placed two email inquiries and two calls to Campbell Randall in Conroe TX with no response! I'll call again this am. Thank you Silverd
  12. I'm looking to buy a Campbell Lock stitch sewing machine. I understand they are very good leather stitching machines. Silverd
  13. Campbell Stitcher

    Many thanks. I have seen the Randells used in youtube videos for harness work. I'll focus on that model and see what turns up. Mean while, I've modified my 441 double presser foot bt removing material from the back side. I'll attempt stitching the "FISH" this evening on some naugahide crown buckle peices. Silverd
  14. Campbell Stitcher these