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  1. That's great. I'll hook up with you next week. I'm talking to a seller of a #1 and should be in need of the manual for it. It's apparently been on display for close to 80 that possible? Silverd
  2. Pearson #6 photos needed

    Wow. Very good collection of parts and #25 needles. Way cool. Silverd
  3. If you let me know I'd possibly be interested in the $50 version, color printed etc...provided I purchase the Landis 1 I'm looking at now. Did you have a chance to deal with the thick plate for the flat bed? Thanks! Silverd
  4. Who uses a Pearson #6

    I'd like to see photos of leather stitching placed using a Pearson #6; top side and bottom side and a Landis #1; top side and bottom side. I'm considering the purchase of one of these machines and that visual difference would be very meaningful. Any chance a collaborative collection could be assembled to this end? Silverd
  5. Hi Do you still have copies of the landis 1 manual? Silverd
  6. Landis 16 stitcher

    I understand. I'm not working for him but his story is interesting and there might be members interested in the remaining equipment he has. Id say short to med run production equipment. Several motorized landis 30 splitters, big slitters, sanders, presses, clickers, many many clicker dies for holsters etc for police use which were his primary customer. No prices listed but he is pretty fair minded. Don't know if he will ship but I suspect he would. I'll call him and ask. On another note. I'm considering buying one of his landis 16 machines. I sewed on it and it appears to be in good working order, tight needle bar and all included winder with extra bobins. I'm making equine tack. What are your thoughts. Is this a machine that will be an asset or a pain in the asset? Silverd
  7. Landis 16 stitcher

    Hi I have photos and can generate a short write up about the Leather Shop I visited that is closing down and selling off equipment. I bought some things and there is plenty left. Some 15 or so Landis 16s and a few union lock stitchers as well as a Landis 1. Landis 3 has sold. Many splitters, slitters, clickers, roll dies and hand tools. Where would suggest I post this topic. At only 1.46mb it may take me a while to up load a few images. Silverd
  8. Landis 16 stitcher

    That is really funny! Silverd
  9. Landis 16 stitcher

    Excellent idea! I'll definitely contribute. Silverd
  10. Landis 16 stitcher

    Well, I'm scheduled to visit a police belt, holster, amo, handcuff, etc leather making shop in the LA area next week. Apparently the owner has 15or so landis 16s for sale.and a #1& #3. Shop closed in January 2018 and is selling off 80 years of collected equipment. I'm making horse halters...any advice? Silverd
  11. I read in a previous BLOG that you wrote re a Pearson 6 that you purchased a machine which came with a rein rounder attachment.  I'm currently considering the purchase of a Pearson but the sale really is contingent on me being able to sew rounds.  Been looking for the attachment to buy.  Would you consider if you are still in possession of one?

    Best regards


    Pearson Channel attachment.JPG

  12. Pearson Attachment Wanted

    Want to buy an attachment for making leather rounds on a Pearson Harness Stitching machine. Please contact me if you have such a device or know of someone who has. Thank you Silverd
  13. That's a good price. I already have the Tech sew version of that machine. Silverd
  14. Where are you located?
  15. Let's start with some photos of the head. I'm in So. CAL. Ive mounted machines to tables in the past. Silverd