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  1. Raised Nose Piece, Halter Making

    Hi Constabulary, When I had the head taken apart I measured the needle diameter bar at wear area and non wear area. The difference is about 0.003" -0.004". I think replacement is warranted. The presser foot cam also shows sign of wear which probably contributes to the reduced max stitch length possible on my machine. I can buy these parts from Landis int. In Canada, but was wondering if you have access to them? Also, you included a repair manual that looked very useful. Is that for sale by chance, or would you consider selling a photo copy version? Thanks! Silverd
  2. Raised Nose Piece, Halter Making

    Hi I found nothing out of the ordinary during my delve into the Claes head. And it sews perfectly as long as the material is sufficiently thick so the presser foot can reach. My theory at this point is that the cylinder arm is been bent down. Have you seen this before? Can you possibly measure the distance between the needle plate and bottom of head on your machine for me? Silverd
  3. Who uses a Pearson #6

    Way to go Big Sioux! Silverd
  4. Raised Nose Piece, Halter Making

    Hi Hook 39 did at one point snap off of the bushing but was replaced. Internal spring 41 is in place. Presser foot appears to come down against a hard stop. Note the presser foot slider at top of head that shows evidence of reduced travel (black oxide finish has rubbed off from when the machine operated correctly in the past) Silverd
  5. Raised Nose Piece, Halter Making

    Hi Need some advice. I purchased a well used but rebuilt Claes 30 from Landis International earlier this year. I'd been using it successfully for odds and ends when suddenly the presser foot will no longer drop all the way down to the needle plate, and it will no longer sew a stitch longer than 1\8". Otherwise sews well. Landis has been useless in providing a solution and I've not located US service provider Any ideas? Silverd
  6. Raised Nose Piece, Halter Making

    You are amazing my friend. Very interesting! Silverd
  7. Raised Nose Piece, Halter Making

    Ok. Sorry. System didn't appear to respond until the fourth attempt. Thank you Don
  8. Hello; Can anyone offer advise on how to sew a raised nose piece for a horse halter using a 441? This is the first one I've made but it required a round about technique. Always looking to improve! Many thanks in advance, Silverd
  9. Pearson #6 photos needed

    I'm still looking for a Round Rein attachment for a Person 6 if anyone knows where I can find one. Perhaps if I offer a reward! Silverd
  10. Mahogany spots

    I agree...very impressive work. Thank you for keeping the bar high Silverd
  11. jh-saddle-28.jpg

    Beautiful work!
  12. That's great. I'll hook up with you next week. I'm talking to a seller of a #1 and should be in need of the manual for it. It's apparently been on display for close to 80 that possible? Silverd
  13. Pearson #6 photos needed

    Wow. Very good collection of parts and #25 needles. Way cool. Silverd
  14. If you let me know I'd possibly be interested in the $50 version, color printed etc...provided I purchase the Landis 1 I'm looking at now. Did you have a chance to deal with the thick plate for the flat bed? Thanks! Silverd
  15. Who uses a Pearson #6

    I'd like to see photos of leather stitching placed using a Pearson #6; top side and bottom side and a Landis #1; top side and bottom side. I'm considering the purchase of one of these machines and that visual difference would be very meaningful. Any chance a collaborative collection could be assembled to this end? Silverd