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  1. Birth of a sporran

    Very cool bag. Nice work!
  2. Waxed Canvas Bags With English Bridle Straps

    Agree. Very nice work. How many hours do you estimate? Don
  3. Birkin Hermes hardware

    You buy patterns? Do also design your own? Don
  4. I get it! That is a really clever solution....aside from being a bit time consuming it addresses the challenge in an unorthodox but practical manner. I will certainly give this approach a try. Many thanks! Don
  5. End seams: The left and right tan and black bag body pcs are french seamed sewn at each end with bitter ends to the out side. Then top and bottom are sewn together on a cylinder arm. Works great. The black vertical strips on each end cover the french seam bitter ends (not sure the correct term) and were sewn on a cylinder arm but required contortion folding the bag to the point that I broke needles and left presser foot marks in the material. The sew line starts at the bottom and runs up one side of the cover strip makes a full radius 180 degree u-turn then heads back down on the other side of the cover strip. I'l try to add another photo showing this, but that's basically the issue.
  6. Sure
  7. Finishing Edges

    Wow! Great information....I've been doing it all wrong! I found Frebring's glycerin bar soap, have canvas and courdura will buy a belt sander...150 grip belts. When you speak of spirit dyes do you mean not water based? Alcohol base? What is Neat lac? Don
  8. I' listening. Good advise it seems. The why a patcher question is because of the end seam on a bag is almost impossible using a cylinder arm. Ron (Techsew) suggested an off the back arm machine and I agree it would be the perfect machine but I was thinking if a patcher could be made to work on a few bags it would be over all a more versatile machine to have...A Clase would be my choice. I see your point as to not having edge guides and inner layer slip. I glue everything together mostly and would have to deal with the other issues case by case. If I design a decent drop down roller guide for it would anybody be interested? Don
  9. All of this you say makes sense however I'm headed in the direction of Claes 30 machine due to its bigger bobin, larger needles and I think needle advance? I'm setting- up shop to do a wide swath of leather work including some industrial lifting strap sewing and joining. I'm thinking based on what I know, the Claes can be used in a variety of situations including some operations of bag making. The Claes machine has needle
  10. 1911 Holster

    Really nice!
  11. Guitar Case

    So impressive. Very nice work. Silverd
  12. splitter blade sharpening

    Hi I have and operate a Tormek 10" sharpening system and have put an edge on my American spliter using the planar blade attachment at least as good as the factory original. The key is hollow grinding to 20 degs with a shaping wheel only if needed then a fine stone wheel followed by an edge polishing wheel. Razor sharp results that will last and slice leather with ease. Silverd
  13. For wallets and handbags

    Uwe. Honestly the final word for cylinder arm to flat bed converstion. Just bought one of his and wow! Really well designed and made. This guy has it together. The conversion table that came with my 5100 is very rough. Technically it can be installed and used but its fraught with gaps sharp edges and the method of attachment to the table (not the cylinder) makes it time consuming to attach and remove. Quite honestly a joke. Silverd
  14. Finally Got A Claes Patcher.

    Thank you. Very insightful. 8346 I belive in this case. I use a singer 201mk with a home made speed reducer and after market motor to sew 2-4 oz leather...light stuff which it works pretty well for. Aside from all the other differences the feeds are equivalent would you say? Both the singer and the Clase have a single element material advancement my point. Silverd
  15. Claes Patching Machine

    Thank you. I will investigate. Don