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  1. Another Homemade Stitching Pony

    Hah, I have one of those you were inspired by coming Monday by post from eBay. It looks almost exactly the same. I can let you know if it is any good.
  2. Isn't that a raised concho button? I understand the bottom picture is the back side. These days concho buttons mostly come as screwed in buttons (they come hollow with a crew) so there is no need to make anything fancy on the backside. The principle is the same, raised button with thread on the other side to wrap around the button.
  3. Prices too high?

    You guys are just not appreciative of the high level of craftsmanship required to make such objects of art
  4. Leather basics - understanding

    As much as the specifics can be elusive surely there are some basic guidelines or rules of thumb that are to be followed. They may be as simple and as broad as "In hand tooling we use only veg tan leather" but they are still there.
  5. Hahahah... so true. I think I have invested about 500$ in tools (if I count in the work desk it is even more) and I am not even there to making a wallet I am fully satisfied with.
  6. For starters that sawing machine is no good for leather, especially that thick. If you are not planning to make a lot of it (I mean multiple pieces) I would skip the idea of using a sawing machine. It's just not worth it. I would also advise to try and shop in person, when starting out you need to see the tools and leather with your own eyes to heave a better idea of what to expect. Maybe someone from Indiana can suggest a shop closer to you. Look for some tutorials on YouTube how people make belts, make note of the tools they use and consider if you need them all (there is some preference for fancy tools that are not essential when just starting out). What you have on the photo are belts in essence, even the one with firefighting emblem is one wide belt wrapped around another belt. Also, strongly advise you to make one without all the fancy tooling like letters and emblems. Basic belt making skills are what you need to master first before taking anything else.
  7. Border Stamp Identification

    Looking at Tandy this is what I fond to be as close as possible: https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/craftool-pro-stamp-border-d2160 You could look elsewhere, of course, and another option would be to even order a custom made stamp for you. It all depends how far you want to look for it.
  8. New pricking irons unboxing

    I noticed Wuta has a set of "old" and a set of "new" irons. I have no idea what is the difference but in 3mm size they only have 2+5 and I am sure working with just 5 is trouble. I ordered "new" set of 3.38 as it is the smallest of the 2+8 sizes.
  9. Finishings and procedures

    I think he is using a sharp chisel to scrape the surface of the leather to make it rough for better glue adhesion. If he is using some kind of oiled leather it makes sense to scrape the surface oils.
  10. New pricking irons unboxing

    I took the adventure of ordering from TaoBao a few days ago for the first time. My Chinese is absolute zero, even after watching all those HK kung-fu movies in my youth. After plenty of struggle I ordered my first set of Wuta irons. What made you look for another set and could you share a link? Does the shop you bought from ship overseas, I think I have read not all sellers are interested in shipping outside of China.
  11. Just getting started

    There are so many tools and so many things to be made from leather it is very hard to say what is a basic tool set. Some things are universal like a good knife to cut the leather but other tools like stamps will be important only for someone who will tool the leather. For a beginner I would say try to pick a simple thing you would like to make. Based on that we can recommended the tools you will need to build it. And after you try it you will now if you like it, if you would like to try more and expand on that, both in things to make and tools to add.
  12. There a a few things you could try to make it roll smoother. Open the pen and try to lubricate the places there the core of the pen rotates, I would also suggest to use some kind of lubricant that is more like grease and not liquid. My English is not that great when it comes to machine related topics, I do not now the exact name for it. The idea is that the grease like lubricant will stay in place and not evaporate, at least not that fast. Another idea is to take the core of the pen and use just that, as you hold it in you hand you can grip it to rotate slowly or release your grip to rotate more freely. The outer shell of the pen is there just to help with the grip.
  13. I can confirm the light bulb thing, they are often used here in poultry farming for heating. Old type light bulb emit about 3% of energy into light, the rest is heat, for example 100W light bulb is actuality a 97W heater that happens to give out light, 200W light bulb is a 188W heater and so on. Just get a bulb socket on a cable and place it in a well isolated storage space, as small as possible to avoid heat loss. Be careful not to place the bulb too close to plastic, it can melt it if too close. The problem is these light bulbs are getting very hard to find. Another alternative is infrared light bulbs, also known as heating light bulbs, that are specifically made for heating.
  14. Decisions, decisions ...

    You can always put it up on sale. (cound't resist posting)
  15. 3mm should be 9 SPI, the numbers should be something like this: 8SPI/TPI 3.4mm 9SPI/TPI 3.0mm 10SPI/TPI 2.7mm