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  1. I can confirm the light bulb thing, they are often used here in poultry farming for heating. Old type light bulb emit about 3% of energy into light, the rest is heat, for example 100W light bulb is actuality a 97W heater that happens to give out light, 200W light bulb is a 188W heater and so on. Just get a bulb socket on a cable and place it in a well isolated storage space, as small as possible to avoid heat loss. Be careful not to place the bulb too close to plastic, it can melt it if too close. The problem is these light bulbs are getting very hard to find. Another alternative is infrared light bulbs, also known as heating light bulbs, that are specifically made for heating.
  2. Decisions, decisions ...

    You can always put it up on sale. (cound't resist posting)
  3. Made another variant for my cherry blossom wallet

    3mm should be 9 SPI, the numbers should be something like this: 8SPI/TPI 3.4mm 9SPI/TPI 3.0mm 10SPI/TPI 2.7mm
  4. Really?@!

    It's about spam and harassment. My wife runs a "moms only" groups in our town with over 1000 girls in the group, about pregnancy, parenting and growing up with kids. . The only way to keep it moms only is to have it closed and approve every single member after checking they are indeed a) real person b ) a parent or soon to be. If the group was not closed it would not take long for all kinds of creeps to start showing up. Sad but true.
  5. Edge Paint Rollers

    I pick it up on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/DIY-Leather-Craft-Edge-Oil-Treatment-Tool-Roller-Pen-Leather-Oil-Painting-Tool/263901418834?hash=item3d71c01552:m:m9MmZhokUuOJ1jx2Vmd7nvQ:rk:2:pf:0 I think I have also seen it on Amazon but they didn't ship to my country.
  6. Working hard this week... wish me luck!

    We have a saying: every merchandise has it's buyer. In other words do not overthink it, it will surely find a new home ;-)
  7. Gluing leather to stitching horse?

    Nice touch on the hidden magnets. I will take that onboard when/if I build a new one. Since I bamboozled my current stitching pony by myself all I did was just glue the magnet on the side, need to see about drilling a hole to make it flush.
  8. Edge Paint Rollers

    I have this in the mail, should provide a bit better control as the tip is finer serrated the the cone shaped (which I have).
  9. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    There is a point in the industrial tanning process when all leather is blue, only later after additional processing does it take on the color we see in the end product. I could be wrong, my knowledge of the tanning process is pretty much zero. As a popular song here goes: If they lied to me I am laying to you...
  10. HAAS Tanneries Large Scrap

    We have a leather shop here that mostly caters to shomakers but they get all kind of scarps and unused pieces from the same sort of people - shoe makers. While they do let costumers to go through each piece and measure when charging they will actually measure the weight and charge by kilogram, as odd as it sounds.
  11. Gluing leather to stitching horse?

    It is interesting to note the actual clamp is at an angle while most of the small stitching ponies are vertical - straight, including the one I made for myself (I mean the ones that have no chair but just a flat board you sit on). Would chrome leather work just as well? I can not remember where but I recollect reading somewhere about a concern veg tan might pick up oils, dye and what not and transfer it to the sawing piece while chrome would be more resistant and easier to clean while still providing a good grip.
  12. New Thread Company Advice

    Google translate says: Great idea, but the market takes time to fully accept your thoughts.
  13. What's The Most Expensive Fur?

    There are a few examples of human skin used on book binding but I think it has more with mystical powers of the human soul then anything else.
  14. Satchel Design

    I do not see why it should, from the photos the backpack straps go around the whole bag. Eliminate the straps and the bag remains unchanged. Things to notice: they use the straps to secure the closing flap for the bag, you will have to come up with something. Also I do not see any extensions for the bag to be carried over a shoulder like a messenger bag or something - you will be left with carrying it by hand. The starting tip I can give you is this: get hold of those thin foam sheets used by kids in school or thin felt often used in sawing crafts. Use it to model and prototype the bag before cutting any leather. If you find felt thick enough like the leather you are going to use that would be perfect. You can cut it, fold it, glue it, saw it - literally make the bag you want how you want. Felt is as cheap as 5$ for 12 sheets of 9"x12" at places like Walmart or or look for places that sell sawing materials for larger sizes.
  15. New Thread Company Advice

    I know Americans stand as great entrepreneurs but then I saw Location: TX and it all became clear. I used to work with a guy from Texas, Chris Milam from San Antonio. I know a few years back he war running for the sheriff in Bexar county. He has the same "the world can not stop me" attitude, I loved that guy.