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  1. Leathercraft Masterclass

    Speaking of this, you About section on YT lists a website that doesn't exist (http://www.finchleather.uk/) and Instagram account that doesn't exist (https://www.instagram.com/finchleather.uk/) I use a 4k monitor so I may not be a good representative on the site layout but here are some issues - Online courses page loads very slowly - my guess due to embedded videos. Course supplies page once I click on sublinks - text flows under the photos (in effect becomes invisible). Video subscription page text is centered but doesn't flow, the text if fixed in size (since it is too big the left and right side of the text is cut off). Edit: You use Wix to build the site, I know it is an easy solution but it is far from the best. In time you might at least consider a different template or switch to WordPress. WP has hundreds of templates and should still provide an easy site to build and maintain. I had some training on web development and I hope one day to switch career into that.
  2. Leathercraft Masterclass

    That is nice to hear and I am off to subscribe to your YouTube channel. You should advertise the channel more, I am sure people would follow you. Money is a bit tight for me, my wife has hobbies too so we have to split the hobby budget but when you reach the the "build your first..." I will subscribe for sure.
  3. Leathercraft Masterclass

    I have been following Phil on Instagram and i really like his live session straight from the workshop, a nice mix of work and craft related chat. I think in time it would be nice to have a video that would bind the techniques together, like building a simple wallet, how do the techniques combine into workflow and ultimately the finished item.
  4. Matt S beat me to it but for what it's worth I will reinforce his words. The two left-right metal bolts (at least that is what they look like) will limit the width of the leather you can place in the press at once - you will have to pre-cut it in wide strips to fit. That in turn will take time and could lead to more leather wasted if you are not careful about sizes. On pressure, rather popular clicker press Might Wonder (found at Tandy) is a 4 ton press compared to Zonesun 1 ton. There are some good review of the Might Wonder on You Tube so you can see how those 4 tones of pressure work and can draw your own conclusion how 1 ton would work.
  5. Acrylic aquarella paint used on leather edges!

    My Italian 3D paint has dried but the results are too poor to even photograph it. I do think I am beginning to understand the principle behind it thought. It is almost impossible to paint a perfect edge by just painting. The result is too rough and bumpy. The solution is to use fine sanding paper (1000) to actually shave off the bumps and achieve that nice even surface. I can compare it with welding metal plates. Once the blow torch has welded two metal plates the line of the weld would be rough. So you use the grinder to grind the bumps, then use a fine grinder to make it flat, then polisher to make it look smooth and then paint to finally make it look like there is no welding at all.
  6. Does anyone use WUTA tools?

    I have bought a few things off them, bevelers and such. They do give a nice tool for a decent price. I have seen they have a nice mallet with a system to add or remove weight so make it lighter or heavier but it is only available on taobao for now (chinese ebay). They have some nice stuff.
  7. Acrylic aquarella paint used on leather edges!

    You might want to try a paint like this (see photos). It is acrylic paint that after drying leaves a 3D effect - it should fill in any cracks between leather and form that bump on painted edge. It has that kind of rubbery feeling and after drying is completely flexible. I have tried it on paper and I can not unglue, I have tried bending and crumpling and the paint holds perfect. I picked it up in local craft shop. P.S. I have tried it an a small piece of chrome leather but I am still waiting for it to dry.
  8. Help how to download pics from Android phone

    In my experience the phones would often leave the quality of the picture very high (compression low) resulting in large size of the photos. What you need is a separate app for photo editing that can resize the images (and re-compress them). Once you resize the photos to approximately 720p they should still be large enough to fill the screen and small enough to attach them anywhere. For example my phone photos are about 5-6MB each (size limit here is 1.5MB). When I resize them to 960x720 they come down to 0.5MB.
  9. Tiger ver Far East threads

    To add the Chinese part to above: Galaces waxed thread 0.55mm/113meters waxed polyester of ebay $4 + free shipping $0.035/m Galaces waxed thread 0.6mm/95meters waxed polyester of ebay $5 + free shipping $0.05/m Galaces waxed thread 0.8mm/78meters waxed polyester of ebay $2 + free shipping $0.025/m* *Galaces as it seems to be the only reference to a brand on the spool **Wuta should be a Chinese brand with solid quality for a few bucks more per roll, although I am having trouble finding any review
  10. Ceramic leather knife?

    Recently I spotted these leather knife made of ceramic and I was wondering if anyone has tried them or had any experience with it (or maybe with ceramic kitchen knives). I never had any and I am thinking if I use them only to cut leather (which is not the toughest material in the world) they should last a long time without the need to sharpen.
  11. Camera strap

    A quick search on the internet gives me one decent link where they actually show how to make your own pattern, drawing up dimensions, parts and all. You can ignore the fabric part in the middle and just use leather all round. It may be a bit more work but you can adjust the pattern as you see fit. https://howdidyoumakethis.com/patterning-a-camera-strap/
  12. New Thread Company Advice

    Out of topic- Hahaha... and what do we in the rest of the work have to think if we looked up to Hollywood - apparently everyone in US either a cop or a bad guy, a few lawyers here and there. Come to think of it, I do not remember I have ever seen a single movie where someone worked with leather. If we ask Hollywood leatherwork is a magical real where all the fancy bags and shoes come from.
  13. New Thread Company Advice

    I can not claim to know the market but if I see how many people are making wallets and bags compared to how many people are making saddles - you need smaller sizes for majority of people.
  14. New Thread Company Advice

    It is hard to judge by the photos only but from what I can see - looks good. The photos a bit low resolution, I can not zoom them in very much. You might consider getting a highres photos. If it is not possible to posting them here consider external place like flickr or other image hosting. When you get the brand name and colors and all that settled consider a stitching run of different thread thickness next to each other on a nice piece of vegtan (maybe darker colored for light color threads). I am always surprised by the fact the thread brands/companies never seem to post any photos how the thread look on a piece of leather. There are plenty of photos of threads and spools but on an actual piece of leather - nothing. Luckily we have a place like leatherworker for that but still... And you can also make a nice thread sample book, something like this: (shamelessly taken of MeiSi thread Instagram account - meisi108, you should check it out, there are some good photos and even short videos of the factory production process)
  15. Wallet Edges

    I am no expert but take a look at his own photos of the orange goat leather wallet: http://purelyhandwork.ayh688.com/product/alran-sully-goatskin-vertical-wallet/ If you scroll down you can see the turned edge and the back side of the stitching.