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  1. Washer is present... Maybe due to it's age it went smaller?
  2. Found another problem, which may be interesting for some guys. Where the thread needs to go behind that little 'pole' there's a spring. Sometimes the threads get stuck and does not move. One of the reasons it did not work. Everything works nice now
  3. So i tried cutting1 coil and it works perfect and smoothly now, thanks guys. I will post a pictures with the result
  4. So I tried all the above... I even polished every contact part for the tensioning so nothing can get in its way. the lower tension is perfect as I tested it with my other machine which runs smoothly. The tension spring for the needle is still there... No idea if its worn. i checked everything and I noticed something little. Two or three stitches are fine and then it goes bust. The upper thread looks like it doesnt move. So i think my take up pull is malfunctioning? I will post pictures later thanks guys for all the info and help
  5. Hi everyone, found this forum and I hope you guys can help me out. I've recently bought a second patcher but I'm facing the same problems as my previous one. Everything that has to be cleaned to work, is been cleaned. Everything goes smoothly but still having a problem with the result. My upper tension is at his minimum and still doesnt work properly. Lower tension is perfect. What could be the problem? Any suggestions, Ive changed the needle, other thread... Several topics didn't help me out, nor youtube.