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  1. Adler Still For Sale !

    What model?
  2. Adler 205-64

    Exceptional leather sewing machine for sale! Adler 205-64 designed for leather and nylon. This machine will sew up to 1/2. Second owner. Unique needle feed operation allowing better control and less marking on the leather. Used light to medium on hobby products. Parts are genuine adler and are of high quality allowing you to sew longer. Comes with 3 different feet, extra large barrel bobbins and machine parts. Integrated flip up edge guide too for easy sewing! Extra needles as well. Durkopp adler has been a stable staple for leather workers, this was my first sewing machine and was ideal for me to learn and progress to advanced sewing. Machine is regularly serviced yearly, I can also show you how to maintain and oil to last you many more decades. Asking 3500 or best offer. Based in Etobicoke Head only, I can have it mounted to a table and motor if you like. This allows you to select the way to have the machine set up to suit your needs. Private sale YOUTUBE VIDEOS Email directly sales@greenmanleather.ca
  3. Adler 205

    I agree the clones haven't proven their worth yet. I personally love adler, easy to self service, clean and sews a wonderful stitch line. Yes expensive but I feel worth every penny. I also have a tandall. Quite nice too. But adler wins the prize due to many attachments on the market for multi applications. I wonder if parts will still be available with so many on the market..
  4. Decided/ing To Make My Own Awl

    Wow maxing work? Thought I would post some pics if anyone is interested. Finished product.
  5. Campbell Bosworth V Cobra

    I have a Randall lock stitch and found it to be one of the easiest sewing machines ever made. Campbell Randall sell all the parts for it. I mostly sew 4 ply leather. Just needed the grind the feet down and the stitch plates to minimize the marking on the leather. Nylon thread is better, I also found the bonded nylon worked just as fine. You only need the adjust the tension more.. I found other machines like top walking foots offered huge marking with their wider feet, and made the finished product like awful... Back tacking is an issue, I was told to turn the hook needle slightly to the left, but you also have to adjust the thread bar to still pass by the hook to connect the thread. Wiz is right also hold the top and bottom thread as you are back tacking so the thread is not pulled by the hook needle. I also use a horse stall matt to absorb the vibration as when you are sewing fast the Randall can be loud. Best machine I ever used other than the Adler 205-64!
  6. Leather Machinery For Sale

    http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-business-industrial-RARE-GRITZNER-sole-stitching-machine-W0QQAdIdZ574495162 http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-business-industrial-Stapler-used-for-belts-and-belt-keepers-W0QQAdIdZ571715641 http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-business-industrial-Randall-leather-strap-creasing-machine-RARE-W0QQAdIdZ562628369 http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell-business-industrial-Leather-rotary-punch-machine-W0QQAdIdZ562626974 http://www.kijiji.ca/v-business-industrial/city-of-toronto/schaffer-8-inch-width-edge-gluing-machine/430621437
  7. Leather Machinery For Sale

    Gritzner sole stitcher Busmc rotary hole punch with adapter and spare punches JD Randall single lined creaser Schaffer glue machine. Will glue the edge or up to 8 inches. Mega time saver All machine are in excellent condition and ready to work. Sales@greenmanleather.ca if interested Gritzner sole stitcher Busmc rotary hole punch with adapter and spare punches JD Randall single lined creaser Schaffer glue machine. Will glue the edge or up to 8 inches. Mega time saver All machine are in excellent condition and ready to work. Sales@greenmanleather.ca if interested
  8. Hello From Minnesota

    Welcome to the forum Randy!
  9. Magnetic Round Knife holder

    HAH!! just when you think you have seen it all! Well done, very creative and an efficient way to have your frequently used tools on standby!
  10. Adler 205-64

    Adler 205-64 is by far the best sewer I have ever used. I thought about making the hand cranking option to when we kept having power outages. I see room to make the hole and to bolt the handle on without being an issue...
  11. Lucris 5 Ton Manual Clicker Press, Like New

    what are you selling it for?
  12. Jd Randall Single Lined Creaser.

    Lowered to 1300 for a quick sale
  13. Jd Randall Single Lined Creaser.

    I have an original J.D Randall single lined creased. You can use this for making a creased stitch line or to decorate your strap to make more visually appealing. Will crease from 1/2-2 inches at the 1/4 inch intervals. Small pitting on the steel rollers but does not affect the strap at all. This is a fully restored and fully functional unit ready to continue working for you! 1860's Asking 1500 OBO and will split the shipping. Sales@greenmanleather.ca for images 6476375229
  14. Looking for a Randall lockstitch harness machine. Hoping to have most sewing attachments. I live in Toronto, ontario Canada and willing to drive state side. Must be in great running condtion and ready to work! Thank you Please ring or email only to this email address. 6476375229 Sales@greenmanleather.ca