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  1. Durkopp Adler M-Type 867 Eco Flatbed Walking Foot Sewing Machine. Capable of 12mm stitch length, 20mm presser foot lift height with click dial height adjustment, XXL Size Hook (70% Larger Capacity Bobbin), thread sizes up to 277. Brand New in Box and includes servo motor and stand. Purchased from Weaver Leather and not put into service. Save over $1000 off this machine if you were buying it new. Priced at $4250.00 - Reason for selling is that we purchased an equipment package from a company that was changing their production process and we already have a 867 and don't need 2. Equipment is located 20 minutes south of Boston, MA. PM if interested or email mikeskustom@gmail.com and please put Adler 867 in the subject line.