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  1. I assume you glue the liner to the strap then stitch . Do you put any sort of finish /sealer on the liner ?
  2. Beautiful belt . It appears to be lined . What did you line it with and what weight is the liner and strap ?
  3. Thank you Dwight that is exactly what I needed to know take the measurement and add 5 inches. Newbie on a roll now . Hopefully to complete one worthy of posting a picture or two Thanks Murray
  4. Ok will try to ask again . For a waist measurement of 38 inches how long will the main strap be before you add billets ? Yes it would be easy if they already owned a ranger but they don't.
  5. Newbie to all this so am in need of basic info. Have searched and searched but cannot find anything regarding how to measure for a ranger belt. Have seen how to fit a reg. belt but nothing on how much to add for the extra on a ranger. Any help would be greatly appreciated.