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  1. Heavy-duty Rivet?

    I see this type of rivet used on motorcycle saddlebags. From my research, it looks like a saddlers brass rivet? But you are supposed to hammer down the stalk, right? Please advise on rivet and tools. Thanks!
  2. The Perfect Button Stud Hole?

    That's true, a longer slit may help, but have you ever tried putting the slit on the opposite side like in the my picture with the red line?
  3. The Perfect Button Stud Hole?

    I always see the hole slit on the side that the stud will be pulled into by tension, but this seems like it will cause a tear or increase in hole size over time. Instead, why not put the the slit on the opposite side of the tension? That way the force is on the hole instead of the slit. I assume there is wisdom in the traditional method, but I wonder if anyone has considered an alternative direction for the slit.
  4. Black leather with tan marks

    Yea, I wouldn't be surprised if those were old US Army boots. I have some dark brown motorcycle boots that break tan like the photo, but it's bit harder to find black.
  5. Black leather with tan marks

    Good find. That blog does appear to have a nice distressed black with tan pullup, but it's a bit too distressed I decided. What I'd like is more like the boots, where it's a rich black but when scuffed and folded it breaks tan. I want the patina to occur a bit slower and more naturally.
  6. Thanks. I stopped by Sav Mor the other day. They were a bit limited for what I was looking for and nothing in the store was labeled. I'm not sure if that's common for these places. I'll check out Saderma next time I'm in that area. District Leather Supply has a beautiful selection but it looks to be veg tan in small sizes. I have some samples from Hide House and Mavericks Leather coming in the mail. Thanks.
  7. Black leather with tan marks

    Thanks everyone. I ordered a sample of some overstock leather from the shoe industry that I'm hoping is similar to the photo. It's hard to tell from the photo how deep it's dyed. But it's a beautfort chromexcel, so it'll be good quality regardless.
  8. Black leather with tan marks

    Ha. Good story. I think I heard to apply neatsfoot oil before dyeing to prevent streaking? My only concern is to make sure the dye doesn't soak all the way through so that it still gets those tan colored stress marks when breaking.
  9. Black leather with tan marks

    Thanks, so option (3). I've never dyed leather. I still want to retain that rich black leather look until the inevitable scratch and scuff. I plan to use it as a motorcycle saddlebag, so it'll break in naturally. Are you thinking a few light coats of Fiebing's Black Professional Oil Dye? Once the surface is fully coated, I should stop because I don't want it to dye too deep?
  10. I want to make a durable, black leather bag that when scratched (or stretched) reveals a natural, tan color. These are the best picture examples I could find with the desired effect, and I think the shoes look the best. I want to retain a deep black color except where scuffed or folded. 1) Should I be looking for black leather with a tan pull up? 2) Should I look for a leather with only the surface dyed? 3) Or should I buy natural veg tan and dye the top black myself? I've only found found black leather with a gray pull up. I want a deep, rich black that breaks into a tan color. I was thinking of using tan straps with the black leather, so as it breaks in, it the black leather and tan straps go well together. . I wasn't sure whether this post should go under suppliers, but I'll start here and see what happens. Thanks for reading.
  11. Is there a rule of thumb for the the strength of leather at a given thickness/weight? For instance, if I had a belt with a buckle, how much weight could the belt support before ripping the hole. The same question applies to stitching connecting two pieces of leather or the rings and clips. My use case is mostly around motorcycles, but I'm sure a similar situation arises for horse saddles and other heavy duty situations.
  12. Thanks. My understanding is that upholstery leather is chrome tanned and a bit thinner. Is there a name for upholstery leather that is chrome tanned and veg tanned? Hide house looks to be a bit more expensive than other places I've seen, but it seems they import some from Europe.
  13. I'm looking to reproduce the motorcycle seat in the photo by hand sewing. The leather is 4 oz / 1.7mm chrome and veg tanned. I'm not sure what thread would work well for this weight leather and outdoor use. Cream-colored thread size and needle size for 4oz leather? Leather and thread supplier local or online? Also could use a recommendation on chisel size for this project. Anyone have any recommendations online or local? I'm new to leatherworking, so I appreciate the help in getting this project started. I believe the chrome and veg tanned is called latigo or chromexcel, but maybe it goes by other names? I think half a hide should be enough with some left over. The seat length is 64cm and width is 35cm.
  14. Thanks guys. It sounds like it'll work. The internal leather will never be seen, but I could shop for some cheap leather to use for that. Any thoughts on 4-5oz Latigo for the outside cover?
  15. How would you manually sew on the foam side? You wouldn't be able to see the holes though the foam.