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  1. New

    if you are using a computer, download an easy to use free program called irfanview. resize the picture so either the highest pixel for either width or length is no more than 400. if you are using your phone, my android has photo resizer x, which was d/l in the play store for free. but there are several apps that will work as well. look forward to seeing your stuff
  2. New

    Welcome to the forum. I am relatively new here as well and I found this site to be pretty useful for not only ideas but for things that I may be messing up on. Hope this site gives you ideas as well as answers any questions you might have about leather-working and that we will get to see some of your stuff soon.
  3. Quiver for a friend

    I made one of these myself, but much poorer quality so it is only for use, not looks...until I make an other one that I can be more proud to show off. As for your question LederRudi, the pocket can be used for what ever reason, just like with anything else, but usually these pockets if you are an avid archer, even for target practice, things such as extra knocks, arrow pullers, finger gloves, bow wax and such are stored in there.
  4. Finished this beauty...

    tremendous work, great look, great detail. you put a lot of work into this, and it turned out fantastic.
  5. My First Quiver

    nice, I agree with halojones that I would have reversed it, but I love the way this turned out for you. nice backwoodsman style.
  6. harder than it looks

    although not a good picture, but it is coming along. Kind of at a stand still point as to what to do next. I will figure it out though, picked up a few helping booklets from tandys to give me ideas. appreciate the reply well, although I have not done a large piece of fine detail celtic work, my bracer, and my work space mouse pad have both been tooled with celtic designs. I much prefer to do celtic tooling than this. well, not really a problem giving it away. even my first commission I did, all I had him pay for was the materials. I do not find my work anywhere near decent enough to start selling for the labor portion of it. but thank you
  7. harder than it looks

    Imagine doing this with my hands and arms, arthritis, carpel-tunnel a tendonitis. I love leather working, but can only do it for so long before my hands freeze up.
  8. harder than it looks

    I never really considered how much work goes into certain projects. Sheridan and other forms of floral carving seem to be the most common when it comes to leather craftsmanship. We see it everywhere but I never understood how much work really goes into it. This is my first attempt and I'm still not done with this one piece but it is the back of a purse I am doing for my mother as a present.
  9. Tandy "half Pint" Mini Western Saddle

    I too would love to have this pattern and assembly instructions
  10. Hardware help

    Closest thing I know of is a pull up fastner. https://www.sailrite.com/Tenax-Pull-It-Up-Fastener-Button
  11. Joining in from Idaho

    Im sure your stuff is great. I still have not figured out how to navigate this site completely yet, but would love to see some of your work.
  12. Joining in from Idaho

    Appretiate it. As for a close up, this is the best I can do, as I have not taken any new pictures this was right after I finished it. Also, my own personal wrist cuffs that I finished last week. Really love the way these turned out.
  13. Joining in from Idaho

    they are carved, beveled, the only color I added to the horse heads was the white in the eyes. they darker tan is a result from the protective spray I used over the whole project.
  14. Joining in from Idaho

    Appretiate it, and will post a closer look on it if you want. but not sure what you mean by "how have you done the horse heads?"