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    all things leather, nature, classic vehicles including bikes, archery, horses, dogs

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    Archery, dog collars, kinkwear
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  1. New member

    welcome to the forums brother. look forward to seeing your progress, and if you ever ride on through Idaho, let me know. Ill jump on my sled and show ya some spots in the mountains.
  2. 2.jpg

    Looks great, love the way you fazed in the black into the brown.
  3. 1.jpg

    Looks great, just wondering though, what made you decide to add the 4 extra rivets instead of putting the two straps to be joined by the snap rivet? not saying you should have, just asking why you didn't?
  4. Makers Mark.

    what size is that? 25 mm?
  5. Ancient Greek Armor

    did you use upholstery leather for the shoulder pieces with a veg tan on the underside?
  6. Ancient Greek Armor

    Damn Mike, that's a lot of work put into that. looks fantastic.
  7. Braved the blackfriday

    smooth and sharp, doesnt hurt to strop it though
  8. Braved the blackfriday

    I am not a fan of black Friday, I honestly prefer to hide up in my cabin in the woods during this time of year. however, Tandy did have a great deal on their pro-craft stainless steel stitching chisels. usually at the Elite membership, they would have cost $399.99 for all 12, but the sale was $99.99. 2.5mm, 3.0mm and 3.5 mm with 1, 2, 4 & 10 prongs. Saved over $300, and im so excited to use them.
  9. Sack

    looks great mike, as usual. how much excess fabric did you use on the gusset?
  10. Howdy Y'all

    Great to have you here, but word of advice. I was given a set of tools from a family member who had no more interest in it, they made a few bracelets with the stamps, and the set they got was from amazon as well. The cheap sets you can get on there, are usually made out of zinc. most of them, when you look at the model number, somewhere on the handle portion of it, will have a Z (ex. Z-x511) which means it is a zinc. these tools are made more for kids and small hobbies. I bring this up because these tools love to bend and warp easily while using them. had one bend to a 45° after only about 30 hits, and not hard either. They are great for starting out and figuring out what direction you want to go, but don't get upset if/when it happens. best way to get into it, is just do it. you may find you hate it, you might find you love it. you could be a natural at it even. If you want to do it, then best way to do it is just start. There are lots of people and topics posted here to help you out. Again, welcome to the forum
  11. New guy coming in from the cold...

    Welcome to the forums bud, this is a great place, with lots of great people. you will find a lot of help here, immiketoo is a great person to get help from
  12. what is it? is it worth it?

    so, just browsing CL and this is the first match that came up under sewing machine. what is it? is it worth it to even try it? they are asking $150
  13. Angeles is a great acrylic paint, vary easy to mix, easy to apply. some colors, i think brown was one of them, that you have to add just a tiny bit of water to it so it doesn't streak as much. the pigments are usually pretty good. but the paint does come a bit thick for some of them, not sure why. So if you get some, just make sure to test it out first before diving in. and try watering it down to make it smoother if needed.
  14. The God of Wine

    means your 5 years ahead of me
  15. The God of Wine

    well, you have been doing this for a long time....it's experience! im sure at some point in my life I will have the same mindset as you, however....almost all of us here have the artist mindset, where we are our own worst critic.