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  1. spelling help

    I am usually pretty good at this kind of thing, however I am having a hard time figuring out which one of the following is the correct spelling. Is it: A: Leatherworks B: Leather works or C: Leather-works Thank you for your help.
  2. Glowing Leather Holster 1st attempt.

    awesome design, even though the paint wont last as long as the holster, will still be sporty for the rest of your life.
  3. Stamp makers

    Thanks, but do you have a link to his etsy shop?
  4. Stamp makers

    I have been doing leather working for roughly a year now, and have had a few commissions, and I have a few in line now. I have already had my logo created by a professional artist, with the intent of having it made into a makers stamp. So far, my research is limited as I do not have hardly any access to the internet unless I am at the office. I tried Buckeye, and they have not responded back after some more details on what I want. I found a local shop that I visited this morning and the price he gave me (also while telling me they may not be able to get as much detail as I would like) a price that about gave me a heart attack.... $265. I am looking for a recommendation on a company to get my logo, which is my icon here...created. Appreciate any and all help.
  5. Viking raiders WIP

    Hey, that is looking great. I look forward to seeing it complete and in use.
  6. Makers mark stamp

    How much did they charge you for your stamps?
  7. Coffee Koozie!

    Looks great I also express concern for long term use on the handle. I would think that putting less flat between the curved handle to where it attaches would make it stronger for long term if you did not use anything to re-enforce it. the only other thing I am curious on is how low it sits on the cup itself, if it will give it an angle over time and use.
  8. Purse - learning by doing

    I would agree, you do need practice, but we all do in areas. overall not bad, and as long as you are learning from your mistakes, then your next one will be even better, and the one after that loads better than your first. just keep at it, and you will be happier with your results each time.
  9. Work Order

    when doing wet form, dying is always my last job. but I usually do dying last on any project minus stitching (in case I want to get the inside of a project) and slicking the edges. as for stamping, I have never tried stamping or tooling a project I planned on wet forming, as I fear that same problem you are having.
  10. Not leather work but....

    that looks awesome, and if you do start selling, that is a vary fair price. I, like the others posted before me, would take you up on one of those.
  11. WIP Another mountain lion. Carving and embossing

    Beautiful job, thanks for sharing, gives me a few ideas to try.
  12. getting my logo stamp, suggestions?

    thanks for the response. I did not really think to print out the different sizes to see which would look best. as for the placement, yes, I would be hiding it somewhere. I do not see myself trying to incorporate my logo into a design, mostly if it is a custom order. but the logo would still be there so they could always find it.
  13. Vegtan Bar Stool

    My guess, is that they are nailed or stapled to the underside of the seat. that is usually how an upholsters' attack leather/fabric to wood
  14. My first shot at carving and tooling...UGH!

    we all start out rough! no one in their field is a master, and you will always be your worst critic. You have already taken the most important step and that is to try. keep working on it, the more you practice, the better you will become. Remember to look through the forum posts, and get some ideas on how you can improve your work, and continue doing what you love...if you love doing leather work that is.
  15. So, I have had a logo made up for a little while, and it is time to get a stamp made of it. I am thinking of going with LW leathers, as it is a good price. Do you have any recommendations for an other place to order a custom stamp? what size should I decide on? there are several sizes you can get and I am not sure which one would be to small. and...should I just get the image as a stamp? or should I order it with my business name as well?