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  1. Dog Collars Using Angelus Paints from FrogJelly

    Great job, this gives me some new ideas. thank you for sharing
  2. New to forum

    Welcome to the forum. and yes, there is a large amount of useful threads for you to browse through. and if chances are (highly doubt it) that you can't find help on what you are looking for, just ask, there will sure to be someone who has done it or can point you in the right direction.
  3. Leather covered buckles

    you could just find a buckle shape you like, and wrap it yourself
  4. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    ive been waiting for someone to do some armor from skyrim, and it is looking awesome. can't wait to see the final piece
  5. Show your Shop

    Time to show off my little work area.
  6. Storing leather in small space

    Pretty much, and with a wall anchor, you can do one strap holding it, and add straps onto that one for the leather to sit in.
  7. Mouse Pads

    I was just going to suggest this, as I have done the same thing with my mouse pads. glad you found it, and I do love the self adhesive foam pads they have, goes on, and stays on with ease.
  8. Storing leather in small space

    if you dont mind making some new holes in the walls. could make a strap system like blindes and hang them from the top of the wall. would kinda be like the wine holder at tandys, but bigger, and just straps.
  9. Mistakes on pricing

    Except that the friend I am doing this for, is half way across the USA from me. So it doesn't really work like that. and anything I would need help with on labor, they are either incapable, or things would just go faster without them, :P. But, it is a new experience honestly, and something i am learning from, and that is the point.
  10. "Genuine" Leather

    this is why putting "genuine leather" stamped into your goods will really screw you over. anything that has this on it, such as everything at walmart (belts, wallets and more) is made from this plastic coated faux-leather. if it says genuine leather, don't buy it. that's my thoughts on it. doesn't matter how much it is.
  11. Mistakes on pricing

    So, with friends and family, I usually give a good discount for any work that I do for them. however, when you think it is going to be an easy project and you say, oh yeah...I can do that for this much, without knowing how much a pain in the @$$ they are going to be.....then there is a problem. I am doing a huge, thick dog collar for a friend for his great dane, no problem there, tells me he wants it to be 2" wide. well, I quoted him low, because I have done several samples for him, and he has changed is so many times. All in all, the collar is turning out great, and i am on the home stretch. it is a 2.5" wide doubled over 7oz collar, 22" overall, double post buckle, custom name tooled, 3 color project with a handle. kinda like a service dog harness, but just a thick collar with a shorter handle. I should be charging him double, but I am to nice of a person. so all this headache and such, only giving it to him for $65. I should sell it for $150. My lesson here is, even if they are a friend, double my price for "custom" work, and if it turns out to be easier then this...give them a discount if I feel it is worth it.
  12. Hello from newbie

    I would agree with @NVLeatherWorx that it would be best to get some practice in before you take on larger projects. It doesn't take much to accidentally screw up and leather is not cheap. we all want to just jump right into the larger projects, but starting with simple things even small bracelets lets you get a little acquainted with leather, how it works, how it feels, bends and so on. It is great that you are excited to get into this awesome hobby, and in many cases life changing habit. But you have the right idea, ask questions, look for what you want to know in the forums before you ask though, there is a 90% chance that someone has been right where you are in need of help. and if not, then there are lots of experienced leather workers here that can probably help you out, myself if I can. and welcome to the forum.
  13. still rolling the holidays.

    i posted it to my gallery
  14. still rolling the holidays.

    This week has been making me feel like I am a kid all over again, getting all types of fun things. I got my makers mark in the mail, and I love it. got to use it on my first project, though for myself. Went and bought a burnishing machine and used it to sharpen my edge beveler, and tested it on a few scrap pieces, and OMG it is awesome. been getting tons of compliments on my new hat I made, and had a few new commissions pop up. been a good while since I have can say "good day" and mean it.
  15. different tanning processes on the hides, as well as types of dye and stains, will vary the results.