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  1. Need Advice About Buying/Using A Pfaff 145 H4 6/01

    Thank You both for your input. I did buy the machine. I will be asking local upholstery shop if I can have/buy their scraps so I’ll have something to practice on. Uwe, I couldn’t find What you were referring to as a signature. I’m sure it’s because I’m new here and just not used to this forums layout. I’ll try to post pictures of it later this evening so you can actually see what I now have and make recommendations etc. I have. some questions about thread so I started a new post in the Leatherwork Conversation section. Any advice is certainly welcome!! Thank You, Mark
  2. I had a post about a Pfaff 145 and whether it was a good choice. Well, I bought it. SO, now I'm hoping I can get some good feedback about what thread to use in it. At this point I'm really only interested in making automotive upholstery or outdoor items like awnings or umbrellas etc. BUT mainly automotive upholstery. I am under the impression that I should be using Polyester thread and not Nylon. I'm also thinking I could get by with 92 thread BUT I might be better off if I go with 138. Also, What is best for the top thread AND whats the best thread to come up from the hook and bobbin?? Please PLEASE advise me as to what I should go with AND WHY, I want to learn the science behind the decision so I can make the correct choice in the future. Also, any links or sites you can send me to so I can learn more will be greatly appreciated. Also Please advise and explain which needle size I should be using and why. If I Posted This Question In The Wrong Place PLEASE Forgive Me And Move It To The Correct Place. Thank You, Mark
  3. Thanks for reading my post. I'm new to this forum AND also new to sewing in general. I've read a lot on the internet and I've probably learned enough to be dangerous. SO, I thought I'd bring my questions to the experts. I'm considering buying a Pfaff 145 H4 6/01 industrial walking foot machine. It has had some modifications to it. Those include: it's been fitted with a larger diameter hand-wheel pulley (for lower torque). It has a Large Hook/Bobbin from a Pfaff 545. It's a single needle, compound high lift walking foot (5/16 welt foot), adjustable walking foot height, special large Hook/Bobbin, it has reverse stitch and safety clutch. Complete new thread tension assembly, new Bobbin case, new needle plate with screws, new outer foot attach screw, new R/S hook slide cover. It's in nice condition and ready to go. It's on a nice base with a new table top and a servo motor. With that said, here is what I'm interested in doing. I want to be able to sew vinyl and leather. I want to make interiors for for automobile and boats. Maybe make a cool umbrella to go over a table on our back deck. I don't have an interest in making leather wallets, handbags and belts at this time. IF I became interested in those areas I'd probably be up for getting a different machine to do those things. So, is this Pfaff I'm considering a good machine for what I'm interested in doing? Is it set up to do what I'm wanting to do? If I do buy it are there any improvements/changes that you believe I should make? I've read many Many post on this forum. I am bring my questions to all of you Because I believe this is where the knowledge and experience is. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thank You from a new guy for your replies!! Mark