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  1. Thats really nice work ... is it a Kolser?
  2. Matt S. Thank you for the information Now i understand it a bit better.. Thank you very much, and yes i do shoot both percussion revolvers and percussion rifles.
  3. Hmmm what accutally happens in the leather are im not really sure about but my guess is that since you kinda fill up the pores in the leather with was that hardens up when its cooling off i would say its the wax in the leather that makes it more rigid .. but thats only my guess....
  4. Hi Riem This is how i do it. You get some beeswax, i bought mine cheap in a store for paint and hobby - kinda like a lump of wax. I heat it up to almost liquid with a heatgun. I rub on a layer on the actuall piece of leather, go gently over it with the heatgun so the wax melts and the leather sucks it in. I repeat the process a few times. This gives the effect that the leather changes colour and when its cooled down the wax and leather combined makes the leather more rigid. Its quiete common technique with in the viking-fighters community.. After a while in use it might soften up but if so you just repeat the process.. Thank you Sam
  5. Here is my latest work. The belt, sheath, ammopouch, holster and the percussion cap pouch. I hardened the leather on the cap-pouch with beeswax since i ran out of thick leather and i didnt want it to be to flabby, therefore the colour is a bit darker. I also hardened the sheath to the knive in the same way just for stability and a little for the looks... I hope you like it . /Björn
  6. I consider myself a very happy newbie in leatherwork but i thought i would show my latest stuff. The patterns i found here and pls let me know what you think Since i live on an island i the baltic sea some things are a bit hard to get by in a short notice so i had to improvise a bit in regard of the washes, the rivets and the "studs" - not sure about the english word for it - but here goes. A civil war holster and an 1859 pattern pistol pouch, and yes i do some civil war -reenactment here. I also made the sheath, handle and the guard on the big knife when a friend of mine made a really nice blade for me. /Bjorn
  7. Hello från Åland Islands

    Thank you crisash..
  8. Hi everyone, Im Björn, a swede living in åland islands and i have being doing some leatherwork for a couple of years now, mostly knife sheats of viking-models but i also done some holsters for old west type of weapons and some other things. Still learning but i love to craft in leather. My next projekt is a belt, holster and pouches for a civil war CS -rig so if any of you here have a pattern for the cap-pouch ill be really happy