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  1. Swivel Knife blade profile question

    Before you do that, you might want to ask what the "other end' of the blade looks like. might be a one off and blades could be made separately. not all blades fit all knives. I have a couple of those creaser blades, but never found them easy to work, so I gave up on them.
  2. Looking for belt buckles to go with leather belts.

    look up Old Cowdogs for high-quality buckles. They aren't cheap, but they are beautiful. See website for Old Cowdogs.
  3. N.Porter Saddle

    Shot, Porter made in Phoenix and there is still a shop in that area. All of the Porters that I have refurbished had a card on the near bar aft of the cantle with the necessary information. I did one that was made in 1906, I believe, and another that was made in the late 1920s. They're easy to work on and nice to have around. I have two of my own (old ones). Central Coast here.
  4. Edging for newbies

    If you have a cake of saddlesoap, then follow these steps. 1. Wet your sponge and wring it out so it holds just enough moisture that it doesn't run out under presssure. 2. Beginning at one corner, press the sponge against the leather and stroke it in ONE DIRECTION ONLY for several stroked (8 - 10 should do it) 3. Take your cake of saddlesoap and rub it briskly IN BOTH DIRECTIONS along the edge until you have applied a slick coating along the entire edge. 4. Repeat for the additional raw edges.