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    Jim Clark from Tandy Omaha told me about you
  1. Mares leg rig

    Beautiful tooling!
  2. Tricycle Restoration? (my second project)

    Very cool!
  3. LMAO - Couldn't Resist!

  4. Chest-piece Armor

    Is that a reindeer cape?
  5. spelling help

    I would go A. It would be Ironworks or Glassworks Otherwise I would capitalize both words, Leather Works, but the dash looks awkward, and I wouldn’t do that.
  6. Beeswax Receipe

    I wonder now if you couldn’t use neutragena soap. I inherited a HUGE bottle and the Tandy saddle soap says it’s glycerine. That’s what neutragena is.
  7. Dyeing technique

    I don’t know either, but I love seeing it the few pieces I have found! I also love the honeycomb/webbing markings some of the veggie tan has. Does any body know where that comes from as well?
  8. New Thread Company Advice

    Gretna, Elkhorn, La Vista! For the win Alex! Lol.
  9. Hey! I have always been an advocate of getting the right tool for the right job! And then using it for a door stop, or table leg shim. Lol!
  10. Glowing Leather Holster 1st attempt.

  11. Okay, I forgot to talk to the guys today, but Renee said that buff, buff, buff is what you do and then seal it with Satin Sheen or other matte finish if you don’t want shiny. She loves her resolene, because it’s water proof.
  12. New Toys just came in

    Okay, I’ve been using my diamond point chisels to cut all the way through, on all my projects. So you suggest using the stitching guide (pricking irons?) to mark and stitching awl to press the holes. I have found that I am getting too close to the edge a lot with them. But I do really like the speed that they offer. Do you get faster with the stitch guide and awl? Or is it just that I need to cool my jets? I also see that you didn’t stitch the bottom middle on your wallet. Is that an aesthetic, or is that to let it close properly? I did a wallet, and the pattern had me stitch all the way around. It sits open on the table. I don’t like that. How do I stop it? I’ve just started using Glover’s needles, and I like them MUCH better than harness or stitching needles. They cross in the holes a lot easier. But they are also MUCH stabbier.
  13. New Thread Company Advice

    Cheaper? More colors? Braided? Waxed? Sign me up!
  14. New Toys just came in

    Ouchie! Hello, my name is Scoobie, and I’m a cheap rat b...... Still very cool though. I use an eight prong, diamond head chisel. Your heads seemed farther apart, but thinner and more rounded. You obviously hand stitch, are you having any problems getting both needles through the holes, or do you open the holes with a fid after making them? I like small, close stitches better then big, loopy stitches. How many stitches per inch do you get with your new chisel?