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  1. Kids Belt

    That is awesome!
  2. Farting around with leather.

    They are beautiful. But what warms my heart is they are for your girls. When my daughters got their first cars, I handed them each a 10” crowbar and told them “every well bred young lady needs one of these on her drivers side door. See? Heartwarming.
  3. What do YOU like about figure carving?

    Very nice. I’m buying the Stohlman books bit by bit and I’ve been very impressed with how thorough the instructions are. You guys make it look so cool and personal! I’m just kind of concerned with how many of the tools that have gone missing, leaves, veiners, camouflagers... it kind of feels like we have to reinvent the wheel again to get the right shapes. Or am I over thinking, and the tools are out there, I just haven’t gone much farther than Tandy?
  4. For. The. Win! Congrats!
  5. Making a Hardened Leather, Hinged Eyeglass Case

    Could we see the other side of the hinge?
  6. Scout Sheath first timer!

  7. Newbie starts the first pattern

  8. I have used it instore and it seems a lovely machine. Does a good job in tight places and yes, it goes very slowly if you need it to.
  9. Tarantula

    Beautiful job!
  10. Snake Skin tanning

    Many people come into the store and say, ‘My Dad/Grampa/Uncle/Scoutmaster/ Gramma/ teacher showed me how to do this when I was a kid and I’m really interested in learning more.” It’s always accompanied by a beautiful smile.
  11. I played with the new Stitchmaster from Tandy today. It was lovely. I used it to make that little pressure coin purse from Projects by Al Stohlman. The first one was sad but tight, the second one was loose,, but prettier. I had to take a stitch in at the back to make it stay closed. Then I mucked them both up by trying to use the embosser on them. But the machine was easy to set up, use and the speed was very controllable. Fast when I wanted it. Slow when I got scered. And the toe was very easy to work around for tight stitch corners.
  12. Southwest Trade Show 2019

    Why not? Lots to do in Scottsdale that isn’t leather oriented?
  13. Craftool Co. pat pending mallet

    That is very cool!
  14. First time in a long time.

    Dry nice! Love the color and shape