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  1. Leather suggestions please

    The gentlemen from Omaha have been buying 8-9oz veggie tan and dying it black for this project.
  2. Lace size and hole size ratio

    Thank you, I had wondered as well.
  3. Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    I’ve been told my sons eyes “aren’t bad enough” for glasses. But he can’t read well without cheaters. So I looked into some eye excersizes that are available online. When he does them, he reads better. When he skips, he needs the cheaters.
  4. 1st time tooling (Viking Serpent)

    I think it looks very authentic. Good job! Now do another one in 6 months time and I guaranty it will be even better. Is it a buckle, or a piece of art? I can’t tell the dimensions. Again, good job!
  5. Wallet Making Question

    Glover’s needles are very “stabby”. I have found that if, after you have gotten them both in the hole, you pull the eyes down slightly, to make an X, that you are less likely to stab yourself as you push them through the hole. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Glover’s needles. They seem to go through the holes easier and more smoothly.
  6. Bible cover

    Very pretty! Love the hummingbirds.
  7. I like pre-punched and/or I like using Glover’s needles to cut the hole by themselves. I use clips to hold things together, usually no glue.
  8. Black Mountains Leather Tools

    Those look very cool and the prices don’t look bad either.
  9. Veg Single Shoulders

    So am I, but I know what it is...
  10. Iron on patches on suede leather

    Thank you.
  11. Tandy Australia Closing

    I would think that if you had a business account in your other Tandy, you wouldn’t need to apply at the second one. In the states here, the accounts are corporate wide and apply in all the stores.
  12. Pedestal Table

    I don’t know, maybe you could make one from one of the big spindles that cables come in?
  13. So the alcohol fieblings needs more buffing than the produce oil based.
  14. Tandy Australia Closing

    Bummer. Sorry.