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  1. a new buscadero

    Pretty! Pretty! Pretty! Gorgeous color and stamping!
  2. Took the plunge...

    Yeah, I remember the complete lyrics to a LOT of Wiggles songs and theme songs from cartoons. My youngest is 14. You haven’t missed much by missing FOP. A lot of episodes. Middling to fair content. Not really offensive, although all the adults are idiots. That just seems to be SOP for kids shows nowadays. Alienating kids from each other and their families, so they’re easier to manipulate. ‘Oh, jeeze, was that a soap box? I tripped...
  3. New Work Boots

    Cool, thank you. Maybe someday I’ll post pictures of my hats and coasters and gloves and stuff. I’ve done a flat cap, a tamoshanter (kinda, sort of, Dad likes it....), a tricorn and I’m working on a mad bomber hat, but somebody today said it’s not a bomber, it’s a Mongolian. And gloves to match. Peach colored garment weight lambskin. They may not look like much when I’m done, but maaaan will I be warm!
  4. Took the plunge...

    It’s a sub comic in the Cartoon Network series Fairly Oddparents
  5. Took the plunge...

    Nice! Crimson you say... *Walks away in a not at all sneaky way* LOL! I searched it and got Crimson Chin! Hahahahahaaa!
  6. New Work Boots

    Okay, so Lisa Sorrell on YouTube and Panhandle Leather. Who else? Because I’m very interested, but can’t find anything but Sandler videos.
  7. Cple more holsters

    Cool, thanks.
  8. Louisiana new guy.

    I’m thinking my next after 13 project is going to be cowboy boots. We’ll see how it all turns out. One of our customers here in Omaha did a great job on the soles of a pair of sandals he made, I’m hoping to ask him for some ideas. I like my Birkenstock rip-offs I got at Sam’s, so I may try and sand the soles into shape. Fun fun fun!
  9. Cherry blossoms wallet and key fob

  10. Cple more holsters

    Hahahahaa! Shark? Cool! How do you get shark?
  11. Cple more holsters

    How do you shrink bison?
  12. storing oils/dyes/paint

    If med bottles are anything to go by, spill proof would also be me proof.
  13. Schmetz needle difference

    Sharp, if your hand isn’t going to be in the way, is best, I would think.