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  1. Adam, I'm sorry not sure I understand. Do you mean machine in video need to be timed/wrongly setup? Or do you mean that it's correct that for each stich size reverse stitch size need to be adjusted?
  2. Another question about 206RB On this video around 1:16 he talks about stich len and reverse. I wonder how people deal with issue of non-equal reverse stitches? I guess you adjust machine for spefic stitch size so they equal in reverse?
  3. Do you know approximately what time 206RB-5 manufacture started? Just trying to estimate age.. Also, I asked to show how slow machine can go and also motor controllable - it had trouble starting through thick fabric on lowest speeds because of lack of torque. I assume speed reducer still needed. Or is there newer servo motors which will start and go slow through automotive leather? I know if I go with this machine some upgrade will be needed, just not sure what is the best way
  4. Visited local Nick-O store. They have used 206RB-5 with "Tokyo, Japan" on badge, I guess they made some of those in Japan? Looks very decent cosmetically (no scratches on machine, like new) .. They want $1000 and it's got older 1/2hp servo
  5. Uwe, please check your messages
  6. I also found some info that it's better design. True/false? What machines from our list have top mounted bobbins?
  7. Still looking and learning as much as I can. Right now decision is to wait for great deal on used and if nothing by end of August - go with new. Probably P1206RB or Seiko. While watching and reading I noticed some machines have bobbin under machine in front and some machines have it on top. Question: which is better/easier? out of machines I watch used: 206, 211/111, 562/563, 545/1245 which one is which?
  8. Fortuna Skiver Questions

    Have you bought this machine? Wonder what is the acceptable price as well...
  9. Bottom is not a problem for what I need. Need to make sure top is not marked
  10. Thanks! Markings on leather is a nono for me. I see few of those machines around with much higher prices but seems like it’s now what I need
  11. Hm. What about this machine? Couple hundred miles.. https://peoria.craigslist.org/for/d/juki-sewing-machine/6643821166.html
  12. You can quickly google them. $1300 might be my bad, it's more when all completed. But there is new head for $1150 for example. Bottom line - they can be had cheaper than 206-RB5 and if they truly the same and made in Japan - probably better deal..
  13. I made an offer, seller said he will wait and try to get full price for it but will get back to me if nothing happen. I figured for work that need to be done + Servo motor $400 is probably right price. Yes, it seems like this machine was sitting for a while with all that patina(rust?)
  14. Seiko I mentioned available online brand new
  15. Floyd, thanks. what “two bills” means? Never heard this phrase before