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  1. double cap rivet but flat and solid

    Hi Treesner, recently I launched my new designs - double-sided rivets on my site http://dot-gas.com/jeans_rivet_p1.html I do flat cap and convex cap for the moment, both available for size 8MM and 9.5MM, and they can go with tacks in 3 available lengths 6.5, 8 and 12MM. They are made from the high-grade brass material and designed for high-end products, a perfect combination of appearance and functionality.
  2. Increasing snap hold? Solid brass snaps?

    Hi bradkincaid, sorry the link I posted above is wrong. The correct link is http://dot-gas.com/snap_fastener_p1.html
  3. Setting Stainless Snaps

    If you want not only the snaps hold your products firmly, but also the snaps look professionally well-done. Then you might need a special setter people also call them dies or die sets like what I attached. But to apply the die sets, you also a press. You can try this post http://www.dot-gas.com/wordpress/?p=759 if you want to get more idea.
  4. Increasing snap hold? Solid brass snaps?

    I've never seen any solid snaps and I am afraid there isn't... because it is not the way how they are normally made, you know the processes like drawing and stamping... when it really comes in solid then there must be die-cast.. but I have no idea how it works like a normal brass snaps... but which is for sure that the thicker brass material the factories use to produce the snaps, the more durable the snaps they are and stronger. Since I don't know what type of snaps you're looking for, or maybe you can browse this webpage http://dot-gas.com/garment_snap_fastener_p1.html and get some ideas KL