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  1. She’s broke....Singer 111w155 parts needed

    Have new antique piece. It clearly has correct part # stamped on it. The old looks to be home made. And the connecting rod is a different part # than what I’ve found in any manual. Now that it’s in the screw lines up exactly w the front access hole. Same for the wick in the rear. Should be fun getting her timed
  2. She’s broke....Singer 111w155 parts needed

    Greatly appreciate ya looking! Thank you Seller backed out 111w100 so back to searching. In the mean time I did find a suitable replacement at the Consew NJ warehouse, just 20 minutes from home. Not sure what to do w the Singer. Repair and sell. OR repair and setup for binding operations just swap it out when needed. i can’t get over how easy it is to use the 206. I earned every straight line w the Singer. And it fell out of time more often than I can recall. Very happy w the new addition.
  3. She’s broke....Singer 111w155 parts needed

    Found a 111w100 for $100 about an hour away. Hopefully heading there Monday morning. Hopefully it works better than it looks. Lots of rust from storage and general neglect. Seller claims it spins free. Fingers crossed! Can anyone vouch for Consew 226 parts being direct fit for 111w155? If option one fails this is another route.
  4. She’s broke....Singer 111w155 parts needed

    It’s crossed my mind.... I’m on the hunt.
  5. She’s broke....Singer 111w155 parts needed

    Thanks guys. Looks like its been brazed once already. Gonna go that route for now and continue the search for a replacement. The top of the connecting rod had a wick that was dry when I picked it up. It appears to be the point of friction within the machine.
  6. She’s broke....Singer 111w155 parts needed

    Thank you. I tried loading some pics. Wouldn’t allow anything over 1.4 meg. Is there another method of loading pics? Paid subscription?
  7. Managed to snap part #223693 Needle Bar Rock Frame Rock Shaft Crank Connection. I’ll most likely be looking for another machine to replace this one. If anyone has the parts please let me know Merry Xmas
  8. New to the site and the craft

    I wish there was a “LIKE” button/feature for posts. Thank you Wizcraft!
  9. Machine Choice Heavier Than A Juki 1541S

    Thanks for the info!!! I’ll leave her be. Have it it working perfect! Only acquired it in past 6 months. And now I have THE BUG! Looking for a similarly capable machine w reverse
  10. Machine Choice Heavier Than A Juki 1541S

    Wizcraft you mentioned a larger bobbin in a modified Singer 111. What’s involved in changing the hook & bobbin case. Is the larger a direct fit? Thank you
  11. 111w155 feed issue

    Right angle piece hasn’t crossed my mind. Ive been looking at everything else. Thanks guys. It’s back to work after 51 weeks @ home. Reconstructive knee surgery was a huge success! 7 days a week at work for awhile. And daddy to 3 boys leaves little time for my new interest.
  12. 111w155 feed issue

    No. I wrote it as intended. It’s a walking foot compound feed machine. The needle and foot seem to snap backward as soon as they make contact w the feed dogs. I believe they should glide back simultaneously w the feed dogs.
  13. 111w155 feed issue

    As it sits the machine works well. I’ve disassembled and reassembled the area above the needle. Didn’t find any obviously worn parts. Or even parts that felt rough. The issue is when the needle and associated presser foot make contact w the feed dogs. The needle and foot go from front to rear much faster than the presser feet. With heavier materials it’s not an issue. While working w some lighter rip stop fabric I experienced some bunching or piling or the material. Any suggestions are appreciated. Is it unreasonable to think I should be able to work w lighter materials on this particular machine? Thank you
  14. I have a non reversing walking foot machine. I’ve seen several methods for making the locking stitch, or backtac ? Curious what is your preference? Which, in your opinion works best? Thank you #1 spin work around and stitch over 4-5 stitches #2 lift presser foot slide work back. Insert needle and go back over stitches #3 when starting work. Position it backwards. Make 4-5 stitches and spin work around then move in your forward direction?