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  1. Blanchard Set

    I'm not able to see any of the pics I'm pretty interested in a few items that you have like the books and buckles
  2. Blanchard Set

    I’d be interested in more as well
  3. stamps and other odds n ends

    Ah fantastic! Thanks
  4. stamps and other odds n ends

    I mean the sold one
  5. stamps and other odds n ends

    out of curiosity, was that hole punch for punching belt loop holes?
  6. Minimal Wallet Template

    Thanks! I'm trying to get the Corter stitch. I still need more practice! Oh! I'm going to have to give that a shot. I imagine you can swap pockets in a few different configurations. But I haven't thought of that one yet!
  7. Minimal Wallet Template

    Looks like I made it a little crooked...
  8. Photo Demo: Making a Biker Wallet

    This was a fun pattern to do!
  9. Minimal Wallet Template

    Since I have used templates from here, I thought it would be nice to give back a little. Here is a template for a minimal wallet. It has 3 card slots and a lager pocket for whatever. Feel free to arrange them in many different ways. Prints well on 8x10 paper. Enjoy!
  10. Looking for this beveler

    I'll post stuff soon!
  11. Photo Demo: Making a Biker Wallet

    thanks for this!
  12. My neighbor is moving to Australia so I put together a wallet and passport holder for her
  13. Looking for this beveler

    Thanks guys! I picked up a barry king edger size 0. Beautiful handle but the angle of the cutting blade is really weird. I just ordered an Osborne to see if I like it better. I really need to get rid of some of the tools I don't use....
  14. I'm trying to track down the one that Corter uses. I'm guessing its an Osborne, but I'm not sure. Does anyone else recognize it?