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  1. Mares leg rig

    Nice. Looks awesome.
  2. Case for small button accordion

    Very tidy. Looks great.
  3. Will do that next time thanks Mike. Thank you Bullmoosepaddles.
  4. Thanks every one. I posted the same thing on Facebook and got similar feedback. Everyone likes the way it looks so I am pleased about that and will leave it as is. Its strange that this texture came out on the sheath for this knife because the knife itself had the same issue. I wanted it to have a black finish on the blade but it just wouldn't take a consistent patina so I just let it do its own thing. And Just like the sheath people loved the look of the random finish. So I'm very pleased. Thank you all for your input.
  5. I made another sheath and added the welt as advised. Spider is centered better and is now a redback. But I now have a problem with my dye. I dyed the piece, let it dry and than when I put the clear sealer gloss stuff on it took some of the dye away leaving an uneven washed away look. Can I remove the finish somehow and try again? Or do I have to scrap it and try for third time lucky?
  6. Yea I glued them. I have remade the sheath but have now ran into another problem :/
  7. Hello. Newbie to leather craft.

    Pictures are in a separate post called My first knife sheath. (First time working with leather). Thanks ScoobyNewbie. Has already helped a lot
  8. Thanks for that Plinkercases I have remade this sheath today. I just have to complete the belt loops tomorrow and than Ill post the pics.
  9. That's a good looking wallet. Only thing I would change, would be to round the corners a little.
  10. Just subscribed to his channel the other day. Haven't watched a lot yet.
  11. LOL Yea I was thinking the same thing once it was complete. I'm glad to be able to have such useful info given to improve my work. This is my second sheath and 2nd lesson learnt. My first sheath looks good but it doesn't have a welt either and it was pointed out to me that it would sit too high on the hip for some people. So I now have two sheaths to remake. Strange thing is I'm somewhat looking forward to it haha. The internet is an awesome thing.
  12. Thanks for the heads up Stetson912 and Plinkercases. I googled the welt. Seems only logical now I know what it is. Looks like ill be remaking the sheath. I will improve the position of the spider and use lighter coloured thread while I'm at it.