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  1. Help!

    This is how I’ll be doing it in future, thanks. I was a bit scared of using too much at first.
  2. Help!

    Dipped it again, not too bad in the end. I think I wasn’t sponging enough on. I did something else today and went pretty heavy and got much better results. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Help!

    Oh, cool. I hadn’t realised that happened. Wish I’d just dipped it straight off. Lesson learned.
  4. Help!

    Yes, erm, that my new patented process.... pdf ten quid etc...
  5. Help!

    So I sponged on the first coat of Fiebings Pro, then when it was really blotchy I dipped it. What would my best approach be, to try and even this out? I have to have it finished tomorrow!
  6. First Feather

    So much better than my carving efforts. Your bevelling is so much smoother. Great design too.
  7. That’s a lovely wallet *drool*
  8. UK suppliers

    Cool, I’ll check out Abbey. I just registered with them.
  9. UK suppliers

    I bought a side recently, which is mainly going into notebooks. Already paid for itself. Next few things I have pencilled in are a strap cutter, a pony and a riveting set.
  10. UK suppliers

    Wow, thanks for all the great replies. I’m just starting out, and money is a bit tight so I’m getting a couple of bits each month. I’m already selling a few pieces so that’s going back into tools, leather and dyes. I’ll check out all of those sites, thanks. I completely forgot about Leprovo, having bought a couple of things from them a few months ago.
  11. UK suppliers

    Trying to see if there’s anywhere in the UK with prices close to Germany’s Rickert Werkzeuge, for tools and dyes. Been looking at Tandy an thinking about the value of a gold membership... Any ideas, or favourites gladly received.
  12. Gluing a split

    Ah brilliant, cheers.
  13. Gluing a split

    Yeah I have the same set I saw some of the Tandy ones seem a fair bit more defined. But I have a dremel so maybe I’ll hit some of those stamps and see what I can do. At the mo I’m just after background, I doubt my ability to do anything with basketweave... I also need to get a brand name stamp done some time soon. ill have a look at the Czech guy, thanks. edit - wow, just looked at his stamps.
  14. Gluing a split

    I went with contact rubber, after dyeing. Looked fine. by the way, Fred, can you recommend somewhere with decent stamps? Just the basics. I bought cheap, and think I need to spend a bit on some decent shaders and beveler.
  15. Gluing a split

    Equally off-topic, I see you work with military canvas.... do you know if it’s possible to dye a haversack? The old type, I think it’s canvas webbing, but I don’t know the lingo.