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  1. servo motor for pfaff 145

    It's good to go...I have already sewn a 1/2 of leather. My machine uses system 190 needles and has 14mm presser foot clearance
  2. servo motor for pfaff 145

    Thank you for the replies, I will contact Bob at Toledo Sewing and see what he recommends. I have been reading about the Sewquiet 6000sm. Does anyone have experience with these motors
  3. hey folks, I have looked at most of the treads on servo motors, most thread are a few years old. Just wondering what people are currently recommending for servo motors. I am looking for good torque at lower speeds for thicker leather. I will be sewing layers 1/2 thick, but will also need to sew thinner leather. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. thanks
  4. hi, newbie here with a basic question on adjustments. I recently purchased a pfaff 145 that came with a came with a piping foot and setup for system 190 needles. I purchased a zipper foot for a pfaff 145 h3 to work on a project that requires a large zipper but the foot is a few mm to high to move the fabric. Do I need to purchase a zipper foot that works with pfaff 145 h3 machines setup for system 190 needles or is there an adjustment to lower the inside and outside presser feet? thank you