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  1. Rare Leathercraft Tool co Kelly Midas/Noel Kelly

    I was just curious if anyone else was familiar with this early Noel Kelly co. I have a set from 72 that is a T series. I’ve done lots of research and have come to find that they are extremely rare.
  2. Has anyone ever had a Leathercraft Tool co stamp or punch, makers mark Leathercraft Tools NZ?
  3. Help!! I need help identifying a swivel

    Some more pic of original Kelly co NZ swivel, found these and nothing else
  4. Help!! I need help identifying a swivel

    Here’s some pics of what I believe is a scroll, then possible #2, extremely small, like jewelry makers marks
  5. Please help!! I have a very special swivel I believe but I need help with some strange maker marks, I’ve gotten all the info out of Mr Noel Kelly as I could but he left me with a mystery?? Can anyone help me out, besides the general info, I know to look for Kelly tool co New Zealand or NZ. And I’m just looking for the history, I’d never sell! I was assured it was original by the maker himself, besides that I’m lost