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  1. Knipschield Round knife

    Wow! Almost a year. If I may ask, which knife did you order? For me, im thinking what Bikermutt said, someone backed out for my particular knife and I was probably next in line just for that knife. William
  2. Knipschield Round knife

    It took me by surprise when I got Terry’s email that he finished the knife. He seemed a little reluctant at first to add another name because he said he was several hundred knives in the hole. As long as I understood that there would be a wait Which would was fine with. This is better though
  3. Knipschield Round knife

    Nice! For keeping your round sharp, did you follow his advice on the Brownell’s 555 Black? At his recommendation, I have some on the way to use on a horse butt strop.
  4. Knipschield Round knife

    Got a very pleasant surprise yesterday. Took delivery of this beauty. A Terry Knipschield round knife. Texas Rosebud to be exact and this thing is scary sharp. The surprise was my wait was about 3 weeks when I put my name on the waiting list. I was settling in for the long haul of sometime next year! It’s a little pricey, but this is definite quality in the steel and edge. I think it will be worth every penny. Oh,the handle looks nice too William
  5. Took the plunge...

    Nice and congrats! I have the 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm, 5 and 2 prong set. Just got the single prong. I also watched Nigel’s video and read his notes. As a Newb, I wanted something that would not frustrate me as I start out. Yet when I want to finally learn to use the awl, it can do that too. They appear to be well made, polished and sharp. Yeah, a little pricey but in this case, I think the end will justify the means. IMHO. William
  6. Microbevel for skiving knife?

    Thanks! Will give it a go. Practice makes perfect. The videos I have watched, it appears the knife is almost perpendicular to the edge and the tip doesn’t extend very much beyond the edge.
  7. Stohlman's Book Method

    Apologize in advance for the hijack but my newb question fits in with awl work being mentioned. I have a set of 3 and 4 mm Crimson Hide irons. They punch through beautifully. Makes my life easier while I learn the craft. Not surprising, Crimson sell an awl to match their 3/4mm line. Would any 3mm diamond awl work or would I be married to their line when I decide to give awl work a try? If their awl is anything like their chisels, I imagine I have nothing to worry about, but you never know! I see a lot of matching awls to go with a set of irons, etc. Great discussion! William
  8. Microbevel for skiving knife?

    Right now, I’m trying it out without a microbevel. I feel safe with the push cut going at the edge at 90°. Short cuts and slow, but it lets me breath a bit easier. Practicing the pull cuts. Haven’t quite got the angle down for those nice long strips. I get a moment of “a ha”, then lose the angle. Lol. After I gave it an initial sharpening, I’m using a horse butt hide strop (without any compound at the moment) to see how it goes.
  9. Hand skiving help

    Nice! What kind of steel will you be using? Keep us posted.
  10. Hand skiving help

    Thanks for the video! Dude has some mad skiving skills. Sharp knife doesn’t hurt either! Aside from that, I learned a brilliant way of preventing my thread getting caught on my stitching pony! Will be addressing that.
  11. Hand skiving help

    I quickly found I am definitely not one to wield one like magic or even remotely close so it. It may wind up as a door stop! Lol. What I like about Lisa’s skiver, the control and I can skive from a definitive line to the edge. Very neat. Very clean so far. I can’t rip long strips with it yet, so not the fastest. But it’s getting the job done hitting it at 90° angles. I will most likely invest in the 1” version.
  12. Hand skiving help

    Thanks! I wound up getting a 3/4” skiver from Lisa Sorrell from a recommendation a few posts up. It was like $30 and shipped quickly. Out of the box it was sharp. But me being me, clamped it on my Wicked Edge system and got it where it pushed cut quite nicely. Now I just strop using horse butt hide after several cuts to maintain the edge. I also do the 90° to the edge. While I still have a bit to go, I feel I cut my learning curve significantly. You hit a key point. The ability to control it. MUCH better than the Super Skiver. That thing can sit in the bag and collect dust. Have a round knife as well from Weaver. Learning to sharpen it. Long way off from skiving with it but I will get there. I’m on the waiting list for a Knipschield round knife Maybe by time it comes next year, I might be able to do something with it other than look at it William
  13. The HF 1 ton arbor press mods

    Thanks Gary. I kind of figured that may be the case. Machine shops are are probably not the cheapest around. Bikermutt did have a great suggestion though with a press that’s pre drilled.
  14. Like many, considering a HF 1 Ton Press when it goes on sale and 20% on top of that. Mostly for stamps and makers mark. Not liking the maul results. Considering future uses when I get into grommets, rivets and the like. I don’t have the means to DIY machine it. With that said, those who took it somewhere, what is the typical machine shop costs to drill out the ram, set screw and the rotating anvil? 3/8” seems to be the popular size? I know this can be wildly subjective on where you go, but ball park. in this case, I would mount it to a board and clamp to my bench as space is limited. I will certainly consider putting machinist costs towards a dedicated press. I.e. like a Goldstar or similar as that’s the job they do and they appear to do it well. Just considering options. Thanks! William
  15. Microbevel for skiving knife?

    According to the You Tube she did, you can do both. I have edges that I have to do no wider than 3/4” and on about 1mm-1.2mm leather. So not a lot of margin for error. With the super skiver, it gouged, ripped and tore.