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  1. pfaff 463 help

    hello Brtz hello Brtz I have not been able to connect to the forum for some occupations (I'm a musician and I've been traveling a lot). Among them, I looked up the Spanish manual of the PFAFF 463 and wrote it for a word file since the original was in a PDF file and the pages they were somewhat out of line, I will upload it if someone wants it in a word file. I was also looking for more information to try to contribute something to the community. I found some videos of a person who almost totally disarms the PFAFF 463 and puts it back together again. I will try to leave the links this I think will serve as a guide for many people or at least I hope so. My intention is to dismantle in the future the whole machine PFAFF 463 there are parts that look rusty I hope someone can help me in how I can remove the oxide so that everything is as new I was thinking about doing a sandblasting I hope you can tell me if that would help or it would be much for the machine and then painting it completely restore that is what I wanted and also wanted to see if you could turn the PFAFF 463 into a walking needle machine like the PFAFF 461 or 561 since they look almost identical I have a friend who managed to do that in an ANKAY BED POST machine removing parts of a PFAFF BED POST and placing it on your ANKAY machine and it is perfect has not had any problems with the sewing.Goodbye I say goodbye I hope I can continue to help hoping not to abuse your trust or those of the people in the forum I leave a picture of what I usually sew and the manual in Spanish that goes to word I have
  2. pfaff 463 help

    the image will help me a lot, as I describe at the beginning of the post I had a hook that was not original and was smaller a few days ago I received a new hook that is right for the pfaff 463 and now if I need more information about the bobbin case opener I thank UWE very much for giving me information and he told me that he could guide me only from the image I gave myself but I suppose I am very stupid since I continue with many unknowns about the exact positioning of the bobbin case opener since I do not want to place it in a position I hope it can help me in this matter.I hope I can follow this post and I can continue to offer your help hoping not to abuse your trust and the other members.PS: I understand that your machine is a PFAFF 461 that has the walking needle I have tried to pick up that PFAFF 461 or 561 machine but it does not seem to exist in my country and if I wanted to import it it would be too expensive for me, I hope to be able to contact you by messages and know if it is possible to convert the PFAFF 463 into a 461 with walking needle since they seem like almost identical machines I say goodbye again thanks to you and all the people in the forum I hope we can be in touch thanks. la imagen me ayudara mucho, como describo al principio del post tenia un garfio que no era original y era mas pequeño hace unos dias he recibido un nuevo garfio que es el adecuado para la pfaff 463 y ahora si necesito mas informacion sobre el bobbin case opener agradezco mucho a UWE que me brindo informacion y me dijo que me podria guiar solo de la imagen que me brindo pero supongo que soy muy tonto ya que sigo con muchas incognitas sobre el posicionamiento exacto del bobbin case opener ya que no quisera colocarlo en una posicion que resulte inutil espero me pueda ayudar en este tema . espero pueda seguir este post y me pueda seguir brindando su ayuda esperando no abusar de su confianza y de los demas miembros. PD: tengo entendido que su maquina es una PFAFF 461 que tiene el walking needle he tratado de coseguir esa maquina PFAFF 461 o la 561 pero parece no existir ninguna en mi pais y si quisera importarla seria excesivamente caro para mi, espero poder contactar con usted por mensajes y saber si es posible convertir la PFAFF 463 en una 461 con walking needle ya que parecen las maquinas casi identicas me despido nuevamente agradeciendole a usted y a todas las personas del foro espero podamos estar en contacto gracias.
  3. pfaff 463 help

    Thank you Brtz for the information that I would be very useful to know if I understood correctly what you wrote me: refers to the sound is normal or refers to I have to replace the steel balls I hope you can understand that with the translator It is very difficult to understand some phrases, thank you
  4. pfaff 463 help

    thanks for the advice I will be very helpful
  5. pfaff 463 help

    thank you for the welcome KGG the table of the sewing machine is very level the belt is new you want to put other gums could help to lower the vibration or it is normal to vibrate that way I have no knowledge in sewing machines so that was my question if it is normal to vibrate as seen in the video or is there some adjustment that should be made to the machine? thanks for the help I hope I can continue to help with the other unknowns and may want to restore my machine in its entirety.
  6. pfaff 463 help

    thanks for the help UWE and review that service manual you uploaded it in another topic I read the topics in the forum referring to the pfaff 463 I have reduced the size of the pages of the pdf file to be able to pass it to word and translate it and be able to return to upload it with all the images and make a faithful copy in Spanish of the file but some words do not translate very well so I would appreciate if someone from the Spanish-speaking forum could help me with that and be able to make a new file in word but in Spanish and to have very clear things about the adjustments since my purpose is to be able to completely adjust my pfaff 463 and if I could restore it including paint and finishes it would be the best for that I ask for your help no matter how small to be able to do all that and upload it to the forum I think it would be very helpful for everyone. I hope you will continue to help me. Thank you.
  7. pfaff 463 help

    Greetings to all I'm new in the forum I'm from Peru and I'm using the translator I hope you can understand I own a pfaff 463 second hand machine which buys at approximately $ 150 the machine can sew but good as any old machine and without any type maintenance of its previous owner and some years without working I think it has some problems: one of them I think is a noise that makes a very slow sewing click that seems to come out of a bearing I hope to upload more adalante some video the second is When it starts to sew at a certain speed it vibrates a lot in my opinion and the third is when I'm already sewing normally the machine seems to make a lot of noise is a metal noise sounds CLAC CLAC CLAC and I do not know if it is normal or I need to make some adjustments that I guess so.the only thing I have done so far is to oil some parts while I was checking it and I realized that it has the rootary hook of another machine since it is not the original of mine which is bigger but good the machine can sew has some probelmas with some thin materials tends to break the thread jump the stitches or split into two parts the thread I have reviewed the forum and you can see that someone uploaded the service manual but it is in English and I can not translate it correctly as some are technical words of the machine I hope you can help me solve the problems and in the best case help me restore the machine completely and that I love this machine and although I have the opportunity to buy another sewing machine, I liked it a lot and wanted to conserve it. slippers I think they are known as tennis and that kind of thing I hope your prompt help upload photos of my machine and thanks in advance for your help PD forget to say that there is a part that I think serves to help pass the thread through the coil as I upload a photo marking which is thanks.