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  1. Cast iron bed crack - options

    Hello there, I’m a newbie in sewing machine world but I’m not in welding world. i don’t know what you have as far as welding equipment but there is a GMAW wire you should seriously consider Crown Alloys 44-30 mig wire It’s not cheap at 70-80 per 2lbs spool, but it’s going to be a more forgiving than any GTAW approach where pre and post heat are critical, and you get a weld that is rather difficult to grind or clean up once your done. I’d still preheat (I bought a used gas bbq just to use as a preheater!) 44-30 can be filed or ground if you want to clean it post weld. I’m also a fan of brazing cast iron, but I haven’t done any of that since I bought a spool of the 44-30. Best of luck Carl
  2. Singer 42-7 info?

    Hello There, Do you still have bobbins available for the 42-5, Just acquired this machine and need some spares beyond the 1 I have
  3. Singer 7-31 dimensions

    Thank you Yetibelle, I just shipped a palletized engine, I prefer terminal pickup and drop-off, its much cheaper also.
  4. Singer 7-31 dimensions

    Thank you CowboyBob!
  5. Singer 7-31 dimensions

    Thank you for the link chrisash, And thank you for the advice Uwe, does anyone know the height of the machine? best regards Carl
  6. Hello all, New here, just got a singer 7-31 and am trying to get a freight quote for shipping, can anyone that has this machine share it’s dimensions with me? i plan to have it out into a dewalt/husky plastic tool box to have it freighted down to me. thank you! carl