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  1. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    THank you :). Gusset is bright yellow while interior is plain chrome tan pig skin. I will use colored veg tanned next time . Better photos will be next month.
  2. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Case for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 . Just a few photos take by cellphone :).
  3. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Thank YOu very much guys :). Trying to do my best
  4. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    First attempt of two colours. I really looking forward to do more :).
  5. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Hello everyone. Few more things done :).
  6. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Thank You. The mask is not based on my design, but I made few alterations and added some brass "accessories". I planning to make a few others in different style. but it depends on what "parts" I will be able to find.
  7. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Thank You. Those belts are actually quite easy to make. Just don't think too much during the stamping process :). But most important (IMHO) is leather quality and sturdy buckles (brass or steel in solid profiles. Not those cheap zink alloy buckles ) Thank You. I just started with sheridan style patterns, but have so much to learn before it is OK enough to show it of to the world
  8. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Thanks for the kind words RockyAussie. More is about to come. Just wainting for the better photos.
  9. Hello from Eastern Europe :)

    Just few more pictures to illustrate my work...
  10. Hello from Czech republic, in the heart of the Europe :). I am 34 years old guy who realised, 3 years back from now, that the leatherworking is really enjoyable hobby. I mainly focus on knife smithing, but leatherwork starts to taking over. Also I have to apologise for my cave man English :).