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  1. Anyone know who makes these?

    Is this to be used in a clicker press?
  2. Including Care Cards?

    "Care" is a contentious issue in some circles- depends on what level the customer "cares" about the product- is it a consumable or a luxury? Does the client need it long term or merely fashionable use? My suggestion is to include a thank you note in the box/bag/container- Mid way in the note (in less than 30 words) express "How to care for your new leash." Limit the wording so you dont create a zombie. No one reads care instructions- but a thank you is always welcome! I do this with all my knives- and it has been well received. My 0.02, your mileage may vary- some assembly required, batteries not included... call your mother... yadda yadda yadda... you get the idea. Kerri
  3. Singer 111W153 & table resto project

    @Sugarkryptonite Thank you for this thread- Looks awesome and you really need to get a design etched into that foot-plate- the machine NEEDS some pin-striping hot rod details after you have finished with it! Seriously- looks great. Love the South Bend Heavy- not too many of those workhorses kept that well these days! (I have an old Rockwell just as loved)
  4. An example of batchwork

    @bikermutt07 - Im a newbie still... Im in transition to the all-leather items from my original canvas/leather and learning sewing... This is a concept I respect and will definitely see this in my future learning... and the upshot is if you make and learn in batches... and sell- you are automatically "training" yourself to do production work- because with repetition and practice come speed and efficiency. Thank you for sharing!
  5. @Vikefan Thanks for this thread- It has seriously shed some light on a decision I was contemplating as well. Thank you!
  6. Landis D Leather Splitter referb help

    If you have a higher end woodworking store like Woodcraft near you I would suggest asking them for sharpening service suggestions- Splitter blades are very similar in construction to wood planer blades. Once they are sharp- keep a leather board strop/hone charged with your compound of choice and after every few uses just strop the edge a bit. Also if you have a Makerspace, Metalshop school (High school) or machine shop near you find out if someone there would be willing to take the job on as a trade for leather goods. With my local Machine shop(s) they will not want to make ONE of any item (not worth it- very $$$$) but they allow their guys to do small jobs in off hours. I have horse-traded for welding jobs, a few odd thread screws and in one case milling a casting to make it fit an antique fire extinguisher... Your mileage may vary but this may give you some ideas- Best of luck and cool deal on the tools!
  7. It is rather therapeutic to say the least for now... And by the way- no such thing as "Junior" medic... Don't sell yourself short- you gotta know what I have to know- I just know the "cheat codes" and shortcuts... Its not the years- its the mileage that will grind you. Good to meet another in EMS in the ranks of these guys! HA! So far my adventure has been well met- and warm-hearted with a ton of fellowship and good advice- This is not just a forum- it is a community. Nice to meet you Sceaden! If you ever get to Hampton Roads we will eat at Capt Groovys- on me!
  8. Any DIY Splitters/skivvers out there?

    Thanks Matt! I think a band knife would be the goal of a new build- but a simple hard-knife skivver is probably where I am headed with the blade- My ignorance in using the machinery is partly to blame- as is the excitement of a new hobby on all the excess "stuff" to tinker with- I can see a porta-band being converted to a band-knife in the future potentially... Understood- even the Cremonas and other band knives on youtube I have watched only have a sheet metal cap/guard over the band- More thinking then some doing in the new year!
  9. Any DIY Splitters/skivvers out there?

    HA! Ok.. well it will be after the spring when I get my foundry back out and set up the forge proper (garage is holding the contents of a friends house for now). But stay tuned! As I get ideas or if others have ideas please feel free to dump them here- Generating a plan is the first step!
  10. Any DIY Splitters/skivvers out there?

    OK so to make math easy I took a nod from another thread about TPI on the adjustment and 16 TPI would give easier adjusting math As well will be looking to reduce flex in the blade center with a hardened piece of 1075 ground to butt join and provide an attachment. Lower rollers out of some 304 Stainless stock with pressed bearing ends. If I leave the thickness adjustment on a ball swivel it can be tapered end to end as well. Max working width looks to be about 14.5-15 inches with grub screws and brass gibs for levelling. Yes I have a bit more time and useless scrap lying about than most... but its fun to build. @Rockoboy Waiting for a response or to see the build? Hope to get some others interested- maybe cobble up a home-brew shed-shop tool kit
  11. Leather basics - understanding

    Most folks to gain a BASE understanding of a trade are required to put the time in- like apprenticeship programs... the minumim is 4,000 hours of contact and area time to be a "bottom of the barrell" journeyman machinist- successful Machinists, violinists... even "good" poker players will all tell you you need about 10,000 hours to really "compete" in the big leagues. Fellowship is the basis for learning- if you want to learn from a group- you need to be a PART of that group. Ask for thoughts then TRY to do something and then ask about the results. I am in that category right now- I am doing what was suggested to start... and I will ask for feedback when I am done. << The idea here is to provide a one-stop place for beginners where they can better make a decision on leather purchase.>> There is NO one stop... to have one would be to generalize ALL aspects of why someone will get involved in leathercraft. <<A concise webpage where one can decide on the correct leather to project. If we all went back in time, we'd do right to recall the frustration of sorting this out.>> I'm pretty much an authority on "figuring it out" as I am a new guy- less than 6 months from ZERO knowledge starting this journey... Fine- you build the go-to hub on the net... I will enjoy the journey of this "learning" thing. Please do not forget- Informed is educated. And self-education is the foundation of all masters of any craft. <<There are videos, books, magazines, etc. But again, not concise.>> You learn a concept- that is generalized... you DO the concept on a project- that is application and education. Between the 2 think of them as a "deck of cards" if you will... the more concepts you know the bigger your deck... and when you pick a project- you can pull the concepts out of the deck that APPLY to your project... its a lifetime of learning, building, doing. Speaking of "not concise" you can not UNDERSTAND the concepts until you DO the concepts. This is a hands-on craft. <<Go to any FB group and read the comments and posts by beginners.>> They are NOT interested in learning. These folks want someone to spell it out- they are NOT interested in learning- just doing... You have to want to know the WHY you do something not just HOW to do something. Its not instant gratification "Look what I made" craft-time... ask them to do it again without the net, the cloud or on a trip without the phone/laptop or internet... and they can not. Etsy is full of these folks. No thanks- part of the pride in making leather-work is the fact that I learned it. And I can do it again and again- I got help here by COMMUNICATING and INTERACTION... Harsh? No... reality.
  12. Any DIY Splitters/skivvers out there?

    So I came into a few industrial planer blades- 18 inches long, a bit over 1/2 inch wide and about 1/4 inch thick (see pics) These are toss outs from an industrial lumber planer near me- I make knives out of them for the fellows in the lumber yard and use their wood scraps as handles... nice use of scrap and it is a good selling point when the salesman can pull out a sample of the wood and shows a customer how it ages "under the hand" for custom work. Anyway- Ive got 3 left from the last batch- and thought I would take a swing at making a splitter/skivver of sorts... Any homebrew DIY guys out there? What I am really looking for is pictures of an older hand splitter like an Osborne- Stay tuned next year for a potential build!
  13. Love the Leather- Like the double grooving to offset the border! But honestly- are those Elgins in the background? How about a shot of those beauties!
  14. Adler 105 with extras on CL in MD

    I am unable to move on this machine- the wife has relegated me to hand stitching for eternity... HA! If this is verboten on the forums I apologize- mea culpa and it wont happen again! (Didnt see it in the rules anywhere) Seriously- My local sewing machine repair guy punted me a link to a Maryland located Adler-105. I know nothing about the machine except the posting- and my local sewing repair guy saying it was in-line with what I am aiming to sew (2 layers of 9-10 oz or belts). Here is the link- Hope someone gets this before I feed the wife some wine and she says yes (HIGHLY unlikely)... HA! Hope all are well and please have a great day! Kerri
  15. Latest clock face

    It does! thanks- I appreciate the carving as well- but its the finish and the color blends I am impressed with most as that fade is something I want to attempt! Thanks again!