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  1. Progress between sheaths

    Here are a few more pictures of the progress. Thanks guys!
  2. Progress between sheaths

    Thank you gents. I learned a lot since that first one.
  3. Progress between sheaths

    Hey guys just wanna see if I can get some feedback from the progression between the 2 sheaths. The first knife I made is a hunting/skinner made from 1095 steel grinded at a 22 degree angle with a rockwell hardness of around 58. The second knife is a bushcraft knife also made from 1095 steel ground at a 25 degree angle and also has a rockwell hardness around 58.
  4. Knife sheath

    I will post my next sheath I make for my Chopper I bought a few more tools that should help me make things look nicer LOL
  5. Knife sheath

    Yeah it has a welt. It actually turned out great. I made a small lip I guess you could say at the top of the welt that holds the blade tight. Pulling it in and out has kind of a "click" feel to it and it is super snug. Blade smithing is fun. I learned using youtube. just like I learned leatherwork haha.
  6. Knife sheath

    I plan on making a knife sheath for a competition chopper I just made. I am going to attempt to make the retaining strap attach with a sam browne button, I really like the style.
  7. Knife sheath

    Haha, I took the 4 prong punch and skipped every other hole. I thought it looked bad when I stitched every hole. Here is a picture of the knife and the first sheath. I think I am going to do it over again and add a dangler ass opposed to the belt loop. It rides up to high when I sit down. The knife is made from 1095 steel with a 58 HRC or Rockwell hardness. The handle scales are Afrian Blackwood sanded to 2000 grit.
  8. Hey guys just started working with leather in the last couple of months. I just made this knife sheath for the knife I forged. I seem to always get really hard edges. I used fiebings dark brown leather dye followed by 50/50 water resolene treatment. Any advice from anyone?