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  1. Man your work is bad ass! Do you need to use anything special to ensure the acrylic paint doesn't rub off on the riders pants? It is acrylic paint you're using correct?
  2. Looks good you're on your way now. I would suggest that you use some sort of backgrounder tool outside of the design. That will make the design stand out more also background the negative space in the design like the area between the scull and the pistol. Antique gel also will help the design stand out more. That's all I got.
  3. That came out nice. I almost always use Mexican basket weave also it is my favorite lacing pattern.
  4. Wow that is one heck of a waste basket lid!
  5. stamps

    Where do I go to order your stamps?
  6. Awesome as always!
  7. That came real nice.
  8. I learned from this book
  9. Looks good! This is by far my favorite lacing pattern even though it takes forever.
  10. Very nice.
  11. Yet again another bad ass piece.
  12. Everything looks good. I do have one recommendation. Don't sew across the width of the belt right at the buckle, when a belt is sewn there it can lead to the belt ripping right at that seam. Think of that portion similar to a perforated piece of paper very easy to tear. There are many examples of ways to attach a buckle on a belt on this form. I use Chicago screws ( ) that way if the new owner wishes to change the buckle they may.