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    Got a machine and just trying to learn how to use it
  1. Newbie, Just got a Consew 206RB-1

    Thanks for the video, been doing a lot of google/youtube for info, but half the battle is knowing what questions to ask, or how to ask them. I thought about sending it in to get it tuned up professionally but, I have just a little bit too much DIY'er in me, plus I like to know my equipment in and out in case I'm having problems I can troubleshoot quicker.
  2. Hi, this is my first post. I know a little about sewing (my wife has a lot more experience, but definitely not an expert) and I'm definitely mechanically inclined. I just picked up a Consew 206RB-1 and table from my mother-in-law's friend, she traded me a couple of old mortise and lock solid wood doors and old cabinets that I had from my remodel taking up space in my shed, I think I got a hell of a deal myself. About the machine. It was pretty dirty when i got it, dusty and cobwebs, inside the machine was pretty clean yet, with the exception of a light surface rust on one of the shafts on the underside, but its not on a wear surface so I don't think it's a concern. Cleaned out all the oiling points with a vacuum, brush and lightly WD-40 everything to help wash out anything extra and get some lube in places. Everything turns freely by hand, quiet and smooth. I plan on using it for auto upholstery and maybe some tactical stuff. My wife might make some leather goods and denim stuff. My questions are: I kinda question using WD-40 because its to light of oil and might collect some lint/dust now in places. Is there an Ideal oil I should be using? I have no manuals, found a parts pdf online, but is there a service manual for making adjustments, setting timming etc? Or a users manual on different setups etc? It has a clutch motor now, what's the best servo motor for this machine? I think I'll have an easier time learning with one. I haven't ran the machine off the motor yet, is there a checklist I should do before I do? Any info helps, or if I'm missing something. Thanks.