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  1. What Adler is this??

    Thanks for that, Much appreciated. Mark
  2. What Adler is this??

    Hi guys, thanks again, what did they use to waterproof the threads? Cheers Mark
  3. What Adler is this??

    Hi guys in the manual there's an oil reservoir where the thread passes through. What kind of oil was used for that and is that necessary with modern threads? Thank you Mark
  4. What Adler is this??

    Hi guys, thanks heaps for all the info, much appreciated, the machine is running well, I'm just being cautious as I don't want to mess up an old beauty. I was given tons of spares, needles and threads as well, shaping bones and sumsuch, so looking forward to getting this old lady to sing again. Cheers Mark
  5. Hi guys and girls I recently came into possession of this vintage sawing machine. It seems to be turning well but I have no idea how to thread the machine and what needs to be done to make it work, without cousing damage to it. Do I have to oil it before use? Any info would be highly appreciated. Thank you. Mark from Prague