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  1. Chicago Blackhawks

    I'm not a big Hawks fan, but I am really impressed with this stool! Great Job on it, the coloring is fantastic on it as well. How many hours did it take you to complete something like this?
  2. Lord of the Rings Barstool

    I am not a Blackhawks fan but I Am a fan of this. The stitching looks great. How many hours did it take to complete this work of art?
  3. Gluing leather and fabric

    Thanks so much. I've started looking at some. Is there a brand that you. prefer over the other?
  4. Gluing leather and fabric

    I'm making a book cover and am trying to glue some fabric to the inside of the cover. I used my normal cement and it just bled through the fabric as I was afraid might happen. This caused discoloring and doesn't look professional. Have any of you found an acceptable way to glue leather and fabric together? I know I can sew the fabric around the edges but that wouldn't allow the fabric to remain stuck to the leather as the cover moves. Thanks!