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  1. JUkI Econosew 360 JC

    Anyone know how this performs for leather purses? I am new to leatherworking and plan to make purses. Found this used for $1000. Hoping a good way to get started!
  2. Satchel

    Beautiful!!! Where did you get this pattern? I am new to leather making and that looks like something I would like to give a try!
  3. Econosew -Juki 360 Jc ?

    Did you get this machine? I just discovered it and am also looking for a machine that is not more than I need to sew leather purses. Just trying to learn from your experiences since your post! Thanks!
  4. Beginner Saddle Leather Sewing Machine

    Darnit! Thanks!! Back to the drawing board I guess....
  5. Beginner Saddle Leather Sewing Machine

    R8R I like that you say go with CB 3200 instead of fabricator. Now my concern is that it sews only 1/2" thickness, so I'm leaning toward the 3500 or 4500. I am going to sew purses, do you know if these will handle light leather and/or leather with cotton fabric. I think I saw that they do not work well on light leather? Or maybe my Viking Topaz 50 will handle the light stuff? Thanks in advance!
  6. Beginner Saddle Leather Sewing Machine

    Oh thank you! That is what I was wondering....if it would really go through the leather like I need it to. Greatly appreciate your input!!
  7. Beginner Saddle Leather Sewing Machine

    Thank You!
  8. Beginner Saddle Leather Sewing Machine

    Has anyone ever heard of the Sailrite Fabricator? It sounds like it is comparable to the CB3200. I am wondering which would be better or if there is a different machine. I want to start using leather to make purses and messenger bags. Would like to get right machine first time! Thanks!!