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  1. Dear ! I want buy SwivelKnife Chuck Smith (Robb Barr) ; CHUCK SMITH (AL & ANN STOHLMAN) , Robert Beard Swivel Knife . Thanks so much !
  2. Tools for sale

    Dear Bear ! Could you pls show pic swivel knife in pic 1 i want see it ?
  3. I Don't Want To But Other Things Come First.

    Dear Mr.Mike ! Are you still interested in selling this? i want buy your swivel knife ! my email :
  4. Selling Barry King, Gore Tool, Robert Beard, Chas Smith, Bill Woodruff

    Do u still have the Robert beard stamp?
  5. Ray Hackbarth..... what are they worth

    Hi Chirash ! I found this post from you 4 months ago and I bought this tool. Thank you very much!
  6. Pictres of some of Robb Barr's tools

    How can i buy the swivel knives that you post ? I really like them
  7. Ray Hackbarth..... what are they worth

    Dear ! i love R.Hackbarth tool if you sale them pls contact for me , my email : . Thanks so much