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  1. Help with Armor

    You’re asking all the right questions! My first leather project was a suit of leather armor (yes, I’m crazy). Chest, pauldrons, bracers, hip and shin plates. Took me about 6 months. It was a Sister of Battle from Warhammer 40k. I also did plastic wrap and duct tape. Nothing wrong with that! It works! Sounds like you know this, but it’s easy to get in the weeds and forget: you don’t have to match the photos, you have to evoke the character. When I wet formed my chest piece, I wet it then put it on. Had a friend with a hairdryer go over it til it began to dry, using her hands to smooth the leather around my curves. When it felt like it was holding its shape, I could take it off and dry the inside with a hairdryer to fully set the piece. Also maybe not needed for men’s armor, but I wore a waist cincher underneath the help me get separation between abdomen and breasts while whet molding. I used Chicago screws. SOOO MANY CHICAGO SCREWS. Reasons: easy to Try on and revise fit, can disassemble for dyeing, travel and storage. Id make the back and front of your chest, then attach them with straps that will be hidden by the pauldrons. I also airbrushed my dye on. Saved time and was nice and even.
  2. simplesling.jpg

    Beautiful! What finish do you put on your rifle slings? Just made my first one. It's for duck/deer hunting.