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  1. Roper Wallet

    I love how you did your nick name but I am not sure how you did it... would you care to share?
  2. Tooled Wallet

    Beautiful work. I sometimes have a problem with my presser foot leaving marks... What can a person do about that?
  3. Boot top long wallet

    Thanks for the reply to my question I am new to this site but since I have been on here I am learning that I know nothing about leather work ....lol !!! Such a huge world out there. I really like what you did with those letters and I have a project that I could use that on but I am still a bit confused on how you did it. I'll blame it on the blonde roots So If you cut the letters out and stitched it to the black leather wallet why did you need to paint them black? Would the black from the wallet not show through? (as I am typing this I am thinking that this is probably a real stupid question but I am obviously missing something). Could you clarify please, Thanks so much Regan
  4. Boot top long wallet

    That is very nice, would you mind sharing how you did the letters? and what kind of leather they are on? Thanks so much
  5. Valknut wallet

    Wowza ... that is beautiful
  6. Lights ?

    Thanks for your reply Brian, sorry to hear about your lighting troubles but I am glad to know Im not the only one. I thought about lots of options but its nice to hear of others experiences which helps to narrow it down. Regan
  7. Lights ?

    What about a headlamp? Does anyone have any experience using one of those? And also a Magnifying glass with light?
  8. Toque Tags

    Yes that is just an example of what she is looking to have made. I had thought of a thin veg tan but wondered how well that would hold up to washing of the toque. So wasn't sure of what else to use. Maybe cloth and embroidery might be a better option for her. Then I guess there is pyrography but I have no experience with that.... yet :-)
  9. Toque Tags

    Not sure at this time. Just a local gal makes the toques and is looking for someone to make them.
  10. Toque Tags

    Hi all Just wondering if I could get some feedback on what would be the best way to make these tags on the bottom right corner of the Toque (see Pic attached). Thanks so much, Regan
  11. Practice piece

    Beautiful work, well done..... I must keep practicing
  12. Lights ?

    Oh wow.... thank you all for sharing your preferences I really appreciate your input. I had to google what OTT lights are and seem to be having trouble to find them here in Canada but I have found a couple stores online so will pop down tomorrow to see if they actually have them in store. I also love the video idea, not sure that I am handy enough to make it but Im sure I could enlist someone to take it on. I am so happy to have found this site and to connect with others in leather work, I have been doing it by myself for years with no one to chat with. Thanks again for the input :-) Regan
  13. Lights ?

    Hi all :-) I have been away from leather work for about 3 years but am now setting up a new little shop in a small garage and I am looking for some advise on lighting. I have been working on a few little projects for xmas and I am struggling with the lighting with glare and shadows.... grrrrr! Any input would be greatly appreciated. Regan